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Live Review: CLYPSO shows us her childlike curiosity in 'Strange Behaviour' video

25 January 2019 | 10:52 am | Julie Fenwick

She was named one of Purple Sneakers artists to watch in 2018 and if CLYPSO’s year proved anything it was that we couldn’t keep our eyes off of her.

She was named one of our Artists to Watch in 2018 and if CLYPSO’s year proved anything, it was that we couldn’t keep our eyes off of her. Dropping her EP Cameo earlier this month with collaborations and features from such artists as Kwame, Sophiegrophy and Bobbie Singh, CLYPSO has just dropped the video for her single ‘Strange Behaviour’, amidst the works of a national tour.

Alongside Melbourne rapper Sophiegrophy, CLYPSO’s ‘Strange Behaviour’ video embodies the colourful, upbeat and lyrical tone her music has come to be known for. In depicting a world where adults are kids and vice versa, the video personifies a time of forgotten play, one where the want to conform doesn’t dictate our actions.

“In this alternate CLYPSO reality, the roles are swapped, the kids are adults and the adults are kids. As we grow up our child-like curiosity and attitude of doing things differently gets tinier as we try and fit in.” CLYPSO says, “This video is a metaphor of rebelling against our own grown-up needs of conforming”.

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The single itself is an infectious, afrobeat infused track, that imitates the sounds of the playground albeit in an adult form, describing to us the strange qualities that attract us to others. It is layered, hanging off the edge of reality, creating a form of escapism that can only be recreated on hot, hazy days. With its catchy melodies, pushing basslines, and CLYPSO’s own soft harmonies, it is undoubtedly an anthem for the summer.

CLYPSO has been travelling across Australia over the past few months with her Cameo EP. With only two shows to go, Melbourne and Sydney fans can catch her at the below venues.


Workers Club, Melbourne


Waywards, Sydney