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Live Review: PREMIERE: Clea casts a spell in stunning new video for 'Limelight'

16 November 2020 | 10:11 am | Emma Jones

Clea once again sets out to impress with a stunning and dreamy new single and video titled 'Limelight'.

We cannot get enough of Clea. Ever since the beautiful Fairweather EP, we have been hooked thanks to her bold vocals, floating indie sounds and ambitious creative flair, and she has continued to deliver and raise the already very high bar she's set for herself again and again. Today, it is no different, with the release of another glorious moment from Clea, this time in the form of a new single and video titled 'Limelight' which we are thrilled to be premiering on Purple Sneakers.

Filmed exactly one year ago, the video was shot by Jack Birtles on 16mm. Also teaming up with frequent collaborator and video extraordinaire Jennifer Embleton for directing duties as well as Lily Cotter for styling, it's is another fantastical escape into the romantic, cinematic and spellbinding world of Clea. Complete with epic scenes of Clea herself in various locations, the clip follows the same vein as previous releases including 'Sugar', which are all set in the stunning Scenic Rim.

Clea said of the clip, "We were on constant alert for fire warnings just in case the need to evacuate arose. The feel is surrealist, sticking to a central theme of “authentic self” as I try on different personas with several looks, some warped, some fearful and some pure – parts of myself that I have rejected or not yet fully learned to love. I play with the camera and attempt to deceive or trick the viewer, unaware of my true personality. In reality I am all of those things, the sum of all my parts. As I float in a layer of heavy fabric I am free of all expectations and able to see past fear and move through life with love and attention."

"Limelight is about how often we find ourselves looking to be anywhere but in the now. We get glimpses of the present moment but predominantly live in a distant reality. In doing this we pick up a range of fears, anxieties and warped perceptions of ourselves and others, often showing our true personalities a fraction of the time as a means to fit into the social mould. Until we truly accept our authentic selves and embody what it’s truly like to let go, that’s when we will be free."

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While it's by no means been an easy year for anyone, particularly those in the arts, Clea has certainly made the best of a difficult situation with a string of seriously impressive singles as well as being one of the very first to take advantage of eased restrictions in her home of Brisbane and performing a number of packed shows over the last few months. She's continued to elevate her creativity and her art, delivering some of her finest work to date this year, and we cannot wait to see what she does next.

Watch 'Limelight' below:

Clea live dates:

26 - 27 Nov - Yonder Festival - Sunshine Coast, QLD

For more information visit:

'Limelight' is out now. Buy/stream here.

Words by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied