Live Review: 'Clap Clap' for Miss Blanks new video/ode to unapologetic sexuality

10 May 2017 | 10:40 pm | Holly O'Neill

Brisbane baddie MISS BLANKS flips rap video conventions giving us her most fully formed vision yet with a video for her new track 'Clap Clap'.

Brisbane baddie MISS BLANKS has released a number of choice rap offerings over the past half a year, becoming a force the scene has been unable to ignore. Now she gives us her most fully formed vision yet with a video for her new track 'Clap Clap'. Co-directed by her with the help of David Fischer, the video flips traditional rap conventions as Miss Blanks aligns herself with women and uses men as props.

The track features a catchy bassline, clap heavy percussion (perfect for twerking to) with dark twinkly synths layered on top. Miss Blanks' rap delivery is confident and sultry, laying out that she'll please you if you can return the favour. Like her other tracks, this one is produced by fellow Brisbanite tomtom, and their history of working together shows on this track as the production and vocal are perfectly balanced.

A vision in black and white, Miss Blanks commands attention in the video with men leashed at her feet. She's confident throughout and a natural performer, her flow feels genuine, and her movements feel organic and self assured. Exuding charm and strength, Miss Blanks is shameless in her delivery, dancing and grinning as she details her sexploits.

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Verse 2 sees Miss Blanks on a mattress lounging with fellow fierce femmes clad in black lingerie and chewing gum, intercut with dance breaks and more confident solo performance. In comparison to the scene where she is dominating the men, she is surrounding herself with women and championing their support.

Filled with energy and stacked with sexy metaphors, this track is great progression from the Brisbane starlet who we will definitely be seeing a lot of this year. Miss Blanks seems to have her fingers on the pulse and hopefully we'll be seeing more curated visuals from her soon.

In the meantime you can catch her at the Women in Electronic Music showcase as a part of Vivid this June.