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Live Review: Get your 'Body High' with Sam Bluer's sultry electro-pop

23 July 2018 | 3:59 pm | Max Lewis

Melbourne electro-pop artist Sam Bluer knocks two for two with 'Body High', an irresistible and relatable ode to shared passion.

You know you've got someone special on your hands when a single song can rocket you to stardom. Melbourne artist SAM BLUER is the case in point, and his latest cut 'Body High' has shown exactly why he's Australia's next big thing. It's a dark and evocative pop moment and a sign of greatness to come.

After featuring on Oh Boy's track 'Love Me Right' last year, 'Shift' was our first taste of Sam Bluer, and the impact was immediate. A strong vocal presence and dance-able yet slightly left of centre pop sound cemented Bluer as someone to keep an eye on. 'Body High' is a superb follow up and a killer track in its own right, covering relatable themes in an irresistible way.

Bluer says the track is about wanting to get with an ex one more time despite knowing it'll be damaging in the long run. His breathy vocals evoke this perfectly alongside the heavy and dreamy electronic production, leading to a back and forth between emotional melodies and pounding drops. This push and pull - much like the push and pull of a relationship some may say - is delicate but pulled off without a hitch, leading to a song that is so much more than a four-to-the-floor banger.

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The video, directed by Amber Mealing, is a neon-soaked interpretation of the track that perfectly evokes that feeling of the 'Body High'. Taking place at a house party, we see Bluer singing along to the song among shots of party-goers dancing and hanging out. Matching the energy of the track, we start to see glimpses of passion amongst them, with slow motion takes depicting that rush of feeling you get when close to someone special. Special mention should go to the sexually and culturally diverse casting, which does wonders to hammer home the point that this feeling of 'Body High' is universal.

With two killer tracks under his belt and with more music on the way, we have a feeling big things are in store for Sam Bluer.