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Live Review: PREMIERE: Blyolk's entire 'Dogspeed' experience unapologetically captures emotional intensity

12 March 2019 | 1:06 pm | Caitlin Medcalf

We're well acquainted here at Purple Sneakers with the stunning multi-disciplinary work of Melbourne's BLYOLK. It's been a hot minute since we've heard or seen new works from him, so we're very stoked to be premiering his new single and accompanying video, 'Dogspeed'.

Blending together the visceral aspects of psychedelia with forward-thinking pop and boundary-pushing electronica, Blyolk's return sees him taking on more of a dark tone and persona than previously heard before.

The pure white tones of the clip suggest a pristine, clinical tone to the visual's intentions, which work hand in hand with the start contrast in the heavy sonic tone explored. Of the nature of the track, Blyolk said "This is a song for the people (we all know them) that suck the life out of us. They claim to be our friends only when we’re doing well and have something to benefit them. I want to face the soul suckers and tell them how I really feel. You can look at it like they're there for the party, but not for the cleanup the next day."

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This one was recorded on the road, and came as the result of a big realisation. "It’s funny how travelling can give you a perspective on your life back home. I remember sitting up in a hotel room in Hong Kong at 3am screaming into my laptop microphone. The lyrics came out really quickly and I was recording them trying not to wake up the other guests in the hotel."

There's something incredibly powerful and unhidden on this single, similar to the way Darren Hayes delivers any of the tracks on Savage Garden's Affirmation or Michael Hutchence on INXS's Kick. It's powerful pop with every line delivering something both punchy and purposeful, with absolutely no chance of being held back.

'Dogspeed' feels like a defining moment for Blyolk both as a visual artist and a sonic storyteller. The pristine, unhinged nature of the clip works to accentuate the power and rawness captured in the creation of the track.

The entire 'Dogspeed' experience is intense emotional purity captured across various forms, and if anything, these varying forms work in tandem to ram home what was being honestly felt during this process.