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Live Review: Benson and Yeo turn up in the ultimate knock off drinks for 'Trying' video

2 April 2017 | 7:07 pm | Natalie Turner

Beat boys BENSON and YEO's latest kick-your-shoes-off track 'Trying' has just gained some epic visuals that'll have you craving an early knock off

Melbourne beat boys BENSON and YEO's latest kick-your-shoes-off, let-your-hair-down track, 'Trying', has just gained some epic visuals that'll have you craving an early knock off (even more than you already do).

Upon its release ,'Trying' became a one way ticket to euphoria with its confidently dispersed drum-like samples and infusion of feel-good back-beats that instantly upgrades your journey straight to first class. Yeo literally becomes the beautifully sung Yin to Benson's electronically driven Yang with their ridiculously compatible production styles. Together they execute a house driven piece of tranquility that features heavenly vocals courtesy of Yeo and smoothly directs your subconscious into a state of enlightenment. There's also stats to prove it, gaining over 51K streams on Spotify and landing #10 on the Aria Club Chart. 'Trying' is a little peace of heaven found in that dull, confined office space.

The track will ignite a burning urge for a bender and a boogie as the pair infuse elements of house and tropical electronica. So, with a soundscape as epic as that, it needs just the right visuals to level its stamina - and that's just what the lads have done, creating a visual spectacular that combines a whole lot of drunk activities (that we may or may not have experienced at least once in or lives).

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If you were the co-worker who drank one too many eggnog's at last year's Christmas party, then clear your conscious because no man, woman, or four day old festival-goer can reach the lit level of this office legend. After being corrupted by staff members and tasting the sweet, sweet nectar of that first "after work" drink, the video follows this lad as he begins a wild night of adventure (and most likely, regret).

Not only is this video the visual representation of the ultimate Friday knock off, but the video also becomes a star studded event!  Across the four minutes of humour (driven by humiliation), radio announcer Michael Beveridge and Yeo make appearances as numerous characters throughout the video, but it doesn't stop there. You also see cameos from DJ mates LIZ CAMBAGE, BENNY RAUSA, CHEVY LONG (INDIAN SUMMER) and MIMI (CRXZY SXXY CXXL), making it one after party you wished you made!

So if you're wondering if you should invite that guy from accounting but worried he may bring work along with him, shout him a beer and chuck on this track and I'm sure he'll become the next office legend, have a listen!