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Live Review: PREMIERE: Amali Golden delivers stunning midnight pop with 'Elephant (Talk About It)'

17 August 2017 | 9:59 am | Jackson Langford

All things are coming up gold for AMALI GOLDEN. Besides being cast in Matt Okine's sure-to-be side-splitting new show The Other Guy, she has officially joined the ranks of Lisa Mitchell and Ngaiire for being an Australian Idol alumni that is making the coolest of indie pop. What's more - Amali Golden made these two worlds collide in a stunning display of after-dark listening from the view of her The Other Guy character in her new single, 'Elephant (Talk About It)'.

With flickering neon and an overwhelming A.M. feel, 'Elephant' dives deep into the darkness of what often goes unsaid in relationships. With delicate synths underlaying Golden's powerful vocals, she warns her lover of the threat of lack of communication - "we've been keeping secrets, everything for convenience / But you know that there's a danger, treat a lover like a stranger."

Golden notes that it's the first track she's ever written from the POV of someone who wasn't herself - a daunting realm to enter. "This was the first time I’ve written a song in character, and it was strangely freeingAmali Golden says. “Even though it was based on a character, the concept of two people in a relationship avoiding a dreaded conversation they know they need to have is pretty universal."

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The song was actually created with her The Other Guy character in mind, and the video reflects that beautifully. Starring a devoid-of-emotion Matt Okine, Golden sings forlornly to her near-robotic lover as she begs him to open up. The video is cloaked in dim pinks, dingy golds and dreary blues as Golden begins to get fed up with Okine's stoic nature and starts to break glasses, toss pillows and throw tables. It's that overwhelming sense of frustration trying to pull something out of someone who doesn't want to give it to you.

But, luckily for Amali Golden, she's giving us exactly what we need. We can't wait to hear more!

Buy 'Elephant (Talk About It)' here. Stream 'Elephant (Talk About It)' here.