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Live Review: #TrustedForTaste Best Songs of The Week — May 21st

21 May 2021 | 11:17 am | Parry Tritsiniotis

Ten new tunes you need in your life from this week including MAY-A, Hauskey, Sycco, A.GIRL, Banoffee and heaps more.

Each week, we receive countless submissions of exciting new music, so we’ll be taking you through a weekly wrap up of all our favourite new tunes every Friday called #TrustedForTaste. Follow our Spotify playlist to never miss our updates!

MAY-A  - Swing of Things

MAY-A is about to fully take over. The burgeoning pop star is back with a new single, ‘Swing Of Things'. The track takes listeners on a journey, that moment between fully reaching love and being stuck in infatuation. When things don’t get to the next level and suddenly you’re trying to get back into the ‘Swing Of Things’ being alone again. As much as I hate to do this and compare artists to others, she’s Australia’s answer to King Princess. She’s a gifted songwriter, tackling universally felt emotions of navigating personal relationships and everyday experiences, while channelling these feelings into arena sized vignettes. 

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Hauskey - Cream Shirt

Hauskey is also about to take over. He’s released his new single, ‘Cream Shirt’, following one of the strongest Australian debut EP’s of the last couple of years. On the song, Hauskey bottles the innocence and carefree joy of the day before a traumatic event. The moment lives on in his chorus as he sings, “I think it might be like this forever, sitting in the sun on the grass. And you’re wearing nothing but that cream shirt, and then it all was gone so fast.”

Sycco - Time’s Up

Indie pop queen Sycco has shared the first single from her upcoming debut EP, 'Sycco's First EP' out July 30th via Future Classic, 'Time’s Up'. It’s a perfect break up song, somehow perfectly balancing the feelings of rage and anxiety, with that weird feeling of elation and freedom. The track’s a big release of negative energy, filled to the brim with confidence.

Felix Lush - Hits The Floor

An active member of electronic trio Gauci, Felix Lush is a familiar name in the Eora/Sydney underground scene, having contributed through an array of musical outfits and genres. The producer today has welcomed his audience into his solo creative brain, melding together a range of distinct influences into an A/B Side release. He dubs it 'fun bratty pop’, combining corrosive beats, harsh percussion and distorted 808s. 

Duke Dumont & Channel Tres - Alter Ego

Multi platinum record maker Duke Dumont has kicked off his 2021 with a new EP, ‘For Club Play Only Pt. 7’. A two - track release, the seventh edition of Duke’s iconic ‘For Club Play Only’ series kicks off with ‘Alter Ego’ , a deep, seductive dance cut featuring the slick vocals of West Coast talent Channel Tres.

Ngaiire - Closer

Sydney-based, Papau New Guinea-born future soul artist Ngaiire has announced a new album! It’s titled ‘3’ and is set for release on the 27th of August. With it she’s shared her single, ‘Closer’. Co-written with Japanese Wallpaper and Jack Grace, she describes her experience growing up in post-colonial Papua New Guinea and understanding love, sex and dating for the first time. On the sentiment behind the track, Ngaiire states, “That level of unbridled want for someone coupled with religious guilt, heartbreak and the human need to have love reciprocated was a mean cocktail of emotions that I came to know quite well, even as a spectator."

Banoffee - Tapioca Cheeks

Banoffee is back with another new single, ‘Tapioca Cheeks’. It’s jam packed full of that Banoffee goodness we’ve come to know and love. The track was written just before the pandemic hit, during her last studio session in Los Angeles with PC Music’s Planet 1999. Banoffee says of the song, “it’s about the fears that come with diving in with someone. How love can be awful as well as wonderful at the same time, because it's just so damn scary. ‘Tapioca Cheeks’ is a dedication to someone, for them to feel loved and held even when they feel completely incapable or unlovable.”

Charlotte Day Wilson - If I Could

Toronto native, soul/R&B singer and producer Charlotte Day Wilson has announced her debut album ‘Alpha’. It’s been announced next to her stunning new single, ‘If I Could’. It’s an intimate track, with her vocal perched up high in the mix. CDW doesn’t need a big bolstering beat, massive drums, big vocal moments, get her a guitar, a drum line and some bass and it’ll be more than enough to take you on an emotional journey. 

A.GIRL - Vision

Sydney/Eora based A.GIRL is cementing herself as more than one to watch. The Western Sydney queen has today released another absolute banger, by way of ‘Vision’. It’s bold, brash and equally beautiful, with her tenacious vocal shining through the R&B infused beat. It’s was originally recorded as a part of Red Bull’s 64 bars and it was just too good not to release. 

Nerve - WALK & TALK 4

Bossman Nerve has today released his feverishly anticipated new EP, 'Tall Poppy Season'. Making an appearance on the project is part 4 of his freestyle series Walk & Talk. Of the release, Nerve shares  "I really branched out on Tall Poppy Season; the bars, the beats, the melodies, the collaborations. Everything feels fresh, while culminating all the sounds I’ve experimented with throughout my whole career." Go off Nerve! Keep your eyes peeled on the site for a chat with him coming early next week.