Live Review: #TrustedForTaste Best Songs of The Week — January 22

22 January 2021 | 1:14 pm | Emma Jones

The best songs of the week for your listening pleasure including new tunes from Logic1000, Bicep, Planet Vegeta and more!

Each week, we receive countless submissions of exciting new music, so we’ll be taking you through a weekly wrap up of all our favourite new tunes every Friday called #TrustedForTaste. Follow our Spotify playlist to never miss our updates!

Planet Vegeta - You

The trio from Western Sydney are back in action for 2021 with their latest single ‘You’. After watching their individual solo outputs in 2020 very closely, we’ve been all over the hype train that is Planet Vegeta and their return to the group form proves them to be more than one to watch this year. Snappy flows, unique vocal deliveries and that oh so beautiful feel good vibe bring this one to life like nothing else this week. Dive in!

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Bicep - Cazenove

The long awaited new Bicep album has dropped today and its well worthy of a dig. Standout track (I know it’s early) but so far is Cazenove, a gentle yet expansive tapper that really sets the tone for the rest of the album. Light top end percussion and melodies sit above a rampant kick and bass line. It’s got a vintage video game feel to it with the Bicep touch, making it as emotive as it is dance worthy. With Isles, Bicep have cemented themselves as certified legends, flaunting a level of class that simply is just above the rest.

Madlib (and Four Tet) - Dirtknock

Speaking of legends, Madlib and Four Tet continue to tease their upcoming collaborative album, ‘Sound Ancestors’ releasing its latest single Dirtknock. Glitchy drum lines, a wicked sample and some unique percussion cause for an engaging 2:15. The expectation for these two is nothing less than extraordinary and they so seamlessly exceed that with the teasers for this album.

Logic1000 - Like My Way

Purple Sneakers golden child Logic1000 seems to finally be getting the widespread recognition she deserves off the back of the release of her new EP, You’ve Got The Whole Night To Go. Opening the EP is ‘Like My Way’ a laid back number that sets the scene for the EP. It’s perfect for that 11am slot, nothing too chaotic is happening but it sets the tone for the rest of the evening. An eerie synth line, a slow building low end and an omnipresent vocal sample do just enough to get the toe tapping started. It’s a welcoming and comforting start to an EP that gets better and better with every listen, and more turbo as the track list grows older.

James Pepper - Nature’s Calling

Speaking of Purple Sneakers favourites, James Pepper has today released his second EP on local label Gallery by name of Games & Music. While the majority of the EP is that classic Pep sound, good feeling, brilliantly produced dancefloor filling house music, Nature’s Calling stands out for me. It’s an ode to underground Australiana electronic music, calling on it’s classic tropes of delivering a track that fits just as perfectly at an open air rave as it would in the Daintree. Gentle percussion, that xylophone and wavy synths have the ability to teleport audiences to a special place. With ‘Nature’s Calling’, James Pepper places the track somewhere sonically between an Andras and DJ Sports record, a comfortable duo to cuddle if you ask me.

POOLCLVB - Love Track

Sydney's POOLCLVB delivers another feel good anthem to drive us straight into the weekend this week with 'Love Track'. Teaming up with long time friend Nicholas Routledge (Nicky Night Time, NAATIONS, Van She) whose vocals also appear on the song, POOLCLVB creates a euphoric, uplifting and shimmering house track to remind us better days are never far away. It's got that instant dopamine hit, and with the refined approach of both POOLCLVB and Routledge, the pair construct a bonafide summer house smash waiting to happen.

Nina Las Vegas - Busy (BAYLI Remix)

One of our favourite tracks of 2020 was 'Busy' courtesy of Nina Las Vegas. A total club stomper, Nina let it absolutely rip on 'Busy', and now she's back for round two with a remix courtesy of BAYLI. The Brooklyn-based producer/singer/songwriter not only remixes the song into a heaving, percussive-led heater, but adds in her own fierce vocals to take the entire track to another level completely. It's hard and fast, tying the original version expertly into its new iteration to make a serious stand out for all involved. Let's hope this isn't the last we hear from these two working together!

Cosha - Lapdance From Asia Ft. Shygirl

Cosha teased the existence of new music with Shygirl earlier this week, and the pair have more than delivered today with 'Lapdance From Asia'. It's seductive, steamy and an impressive fusion of both artists' talents. Cosha's stunning vocals and impressive range are a glorious juxtaposition to Shygirl's hushed lower-register tones, with the latter's unhurried and almost-spoken approach grounding Cosha's soaring moments. The production is flawless, with an eccentric and peculiar beat care of the likes of Mura MasaKorelessZack Sekoff, Brett Shaw and Cosha herself all credited for production. Here's hoping there's more from Cosha very soon!

Slayyyter - Troubled Paradise

Alongside the announcement that her debut album is finally ready for release on June 11th via FADER Label, Slayyyter has unleashed one of her very best singles yet in the form of her album's title track, 'Troubled Paradise'. With a slightly retro sound, it's a sonic and emotional departure and hears Slayyyter unleash her impressive vocals in all their glory as she sings about a lost love. It's a big move for Slayyyter, and sets the scene for what is sure to be a must-listen album come June!

Epik High - Acceptance Speech Ft. B.I

Korean hip hop group Epik High released part one of their 10th album earlier this week titled Epik High Is Here 上, and while the album is excellent from start to finish, fans have been particularly excited for one special song titled 'Acceptance Speech'. Featuring former iKON member B.I, 'Acceptance Speech' is a groove-driven, downtempo track with plenty of chill vibes to get lost in. B.I cited the importance of this collaboration, stating he's been a fan of Epik High for years and the experience was "like a dream" for him. Rising to the occasion, B.I doesn't miss a beat while Epik High prove why they're such a major force in the Korean music scene and beyond.

Words by Emma Jones