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Live Review: trfk brings the funk on his debut single 'Are U With Me'

14 September 2018 | 1:06 pm | Holly O'Neill

Adelaide's TRFK teams up with ROXANNE for 'Are U With Me', a tune that takes the best of disco, hip hop and house and rolls it into a warm groovy headbopper

If you love the sounds of DISCLOSURE, YOUNG FRANCO and KAYTRANADA, then you've got something in common with Adelaide producer TRFK, plus a reason to love his latest release. His debut single 'Are U With Me' featuring ROXANNE, shares that silken groove and unmistakable rhythm of that amorphous genre of disco house-hop but with confidence and unique flair.

Influenced by the funkier realms of house and disco, a detuned piano sample grounds the whole track as a groovy bass line and staggered percussion builds on top. Layers of keys and rounded melodies create a coziness in the stripped back soundscape. Every layer and sample brings something new out in the others to create the comfiest headbopper of a tune.

Over everything, Roxanne's changing delivery reflects and intensifies the disparate elements of trfk's genre pastiche. Flowing open vocalisations hidden behind layers of reverb highlight the classic disco sounds while the self assured rap delivery of the chorus brings out the hip hop grooves of the instrumental. Her snappy delivery across the verses makes for a well rounded touch of pop among the subdued body moving funk.

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'Are U With Me' pairs loose melodies with crisp percussion, and takes elements from a variety of producers and genres and bundles them into a warm cocoon of smooth groovy house. As a debut it sure is a strong one, proving we should keep our eyes on Adelaide to see what trfk will do next.

PHOTO BY Danny Howe