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Live Review: Sycco releases new single, 'Dribble' and shares her favourite songs right now

16 July 2020 | 2:42 pm | Emma Jones

Rising star Sycco has released one of this year's most exciting new singles in 'Dribble' so we got to know her a whole lot better.

The term "rising star" is thrown around a lot, but in the case of Brisbane's SYCCO it's absolutely true. Now with five singles under her belt, she has managed to carve a space for herself thanks to her hybrid sounds combining psychedelia, neo-soul, indie rock and pop, and her latest shining example of this comes in the form of her latest release, 'Dribble'. Sounding like a soulful, distant relative of BENEE, her neo-soul vocals perfectly pierce the rich, thick and inescapable grooves of 'Dribble', amplifying the lush production and sass-laden guitars to deliver one of this year's most exciting singles yet.

Hellbent on displaying her versatility as a performer as well as a singer-songwriter and producer, Sycco pulls off the ambitious track with ease, and builds upon the already impressive foundation she's laid with songs like 'Nicotine' and 'Peacemaker'. Released alongside visuals directed by Madaline Randall and Summer KingSycco elevates her sanding as one of this year's breakout stars, and considering we're only half way through the year, we can probably expect even more exciting things to come from her before 2020 is through.

Sycco said of her new single, "This track was written in four hours. [Producer] Ed and I were tired and hungover, which maybe explains why it sounds a little dark. The guitar synth was added at the last minute but I can't imagine the song without it now".

So, with all systems go for Sycco, what better time to get know her than now? We chatted to her to find out what she's got on high rotation at the moment, and unsurprisingly it's a real mixed bag of excellent tunes. Check it all out below, and dive into 'Dribble' right here:

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What Kinda Music - Tom Misch, Yussef Dayes

I first listened to Jordan Rakei’s remix of this song and listened absolutely non-stop and now I’ve moved onto the original. That first melody just blows my mind every time I hear it. I vision myself being on a rollercoaster when I hear it.

My High - Disclosure ft. Slowthai and Amine

This song is one big serotonin hit, every time I put this on my body is filled with immense excitement and hype. It’s just so fun. ARE U MAD??

Down The Line - Remi Wolf

Remi Wolf is my favourite artist at the moment and this song is literally everything I have ever wanted in a song. When the chorus hits OMG I lose my mind every time. Remi Wolf has the best melodies.

Lara - Sassy 009, Clairo

I only recently heard this song but I have not stopped listening to it since. Clairo is just an angel and the prod is just SO good. I want more, I want more!! This song really inspires me. THE CHORUS, those synths & then you feel like you’re floating but at the same time the drums are smashing so hard. The melody in the chorus makes my heart just MELT.

If There Is No Question - Khruangbin

This song is perfect for any occasion so it's been on very VERY high rotation. This song sets me in my place & realise what’s important. It's incredible - I never thought hearing someone say “You’re not crazy” could be so existential for me.

'Dribble' is out now via Wilder. Buy/stream here.

Words by Emma Jones

Image: Madeline Randall