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Live Review: Surprise Chef propose their second record with its leading soulful whirlwind 'New Ferrari'

31 August 2020 | 3:59 pm | Hannah Galvin

Melbourne soul-funk aficionados Surprise Chef have announced their second album Daylight Savings with it's zesty lead single 'New Ferrari'.

One home studio, two housemates and four core members seasoned with a myriad of talented friends taking the brass and percussive reigns make the ingredients list of Surprise Chef. Dishing up delicious soul and funk instrumentals, the Melbourne conglomerate released their debut LP All News Is Good News on their very own label College Of Knowledge Records in 2019. Taking a DIY approach to their artistic endeavours, the album was recorded live to tape; an ode to their heroes in that they would authenticate their sound in the same vein.

Conceived in their analogue home studio (that shares the same name as their label), Surprise Chef have just announced the follow-up record Daylight Savings, due for a timely Spring release this October. With the bloom of jasmine impending, the announcement comes with the sophomore's leading single, 'New Ferrari'.

With quite the buoyant spring in his step, our jovial protagonist enters another glorious sunrise with an alluring strut through the neighbourhood. A borlic stride accessorised by a pressed black suit and slicked back locks, confidence permeates the trail he leaves behind him, turning heads to fixed gaze.

This monumental display of vigour soon fades though, through the challenging persistence of unwarranted intrusion by a small, airborne invader. Although never quite making skin contact, the threat looms close enough to raise the hairs of the nape, eradicating any comfort from the earlier chapter of this venture.

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Ignorance is attempted, for the presentation of such a kempt individual should never cede. Though, as the whirling buzz grows in rapids, any remaining calm collides with calamity; ejecting impudent hand swipes coupled with a lip sweating from apprehension as our guy anxiously dodges the sting he so fears. Finally rid of the flighty beast, the bruised ego dusts the shame from his trousers and carries on about his way as if this monster had never burdened his travels.

'New Ferrari' is the first taste of Surprise Chef's second record Daylight Savings, due for release on Friday, 16th October via College Of Knowledge Records. Head on over to their Bandcamp to pre-order the record both digitally and on wax, as well as grab a shirt displaying all the instruments that went into the recording of the new album!

Words by Hannah Galvin.