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Live Review: Odette's 'Watch Me Read You' is going to be huge

29 August 2017 | 7:54 am | Staff Writer

Arriving in style, we can't get enough of newcomer Odette and her single, 'Watch Me Read You'

Each week, we select one artist to feature as our Spotlight Artist. This week, we’ve chosen ODETTE. For more Spotlight Artists, head here.

In 2017, when millions of songs clutter the Internet daily, it's hard to be truly left speechless. While every song has its quirks and its moments, things can begin to feel a little recycled. Seldom are we so blindsided by a song's complete aura, but when we are, it becomes a true standout moment of our musical year. Let it be known, friends, that our latest blindside is courtesy of British-born Australian artist ODETTE who couldn't have crash landed more beautifully.

'Watch Me Read You' is a lyrical wonderland that is laced in sinister metaphor, but not like you've ever heard before. This piano-driven ballad has elements from some of the greats - Regina SpektorFrank OceanLorde and even the lyrical gunfire of Courtney Barnett - but Odette is very much making her voice, and her voice alone, heard.

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Her powerful delivery weaves through the gentle melody, not once shying away from fierceness. "I watch you read me, the burning pages of my life / Reduced to ash and overnight I find my body / Is not mine," she ends the song with a soft-spoken mutter that will leave you sitting in silence and self-reflection.

As Odette sits still in a whirlwind of emotion, her eyes remain pierced on everything flying around her. And, now, you best be sure you're eyes remain pierced on her.