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Live Review: LALKA is a rebel queen in 'Cool Youth' video

7 November 2017 | 9:08 am | Molly McLaughlin

After the release of her stellar debut, 'Dare You To Love Me', LALKA returns with another rebellious new single in the form of 'Cool Youth'.

Each week, we select one artist to feature as our Spotlight Artist. This week, we’ve chosen LALKA. For more Spotlight Artists, head here.

Brisbane electronic all-rounder LALKA  has taken the intensity of her stunning debut single, 'Dare You To Love Me', to the next level with her latest offering, 'Cool Youth'. Accompanied by an otherworldly video, 'Cool Youth' shows off LALKA's unique voice and ear for moody, atmospheric beats.

In the video, LALKA emerges from the shadows and dances like she is driven by the music. Moving effortlessly through different social scenes, she is the only one among the guests who can see the truth, until she tears off their blindfolds. "In this wreckage I am queen," she croons as she surveys the artifice around her. The distorted layers of sound emphasise the foreboding atmosphere, in a world redeemed only by LALKA's multifaceted voice and a soaring violin solo.

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In an interview with Pilerats, LALKA explained the track's rebellious origins. "'Cool Youth' is about resisting against the expectation to fit into a specific social paradigm," she said. "When I was younger, I felt a lot of pressure to succumb to the reductive notions that were pervasive in the social circle I found myself in. Over the course of time, the sense of exclusion made me dissatisfied so I decided to construct my own sense of identity and develop my own self-confidence. In other words, fuck what the cool kids think."

'Cool Youth' is an outsider anthem that cements LALKA's place in the vanguard of electro experimentation. She will be launching 'Cool Youth' in Brisbane on 30th November with support from Opaeka. More information here.