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Live Review: Kaylah Truth sets the record straight with new banger 'Wave'

12 September 2017 | 9:01 am | Staff Writer

Kaylah Truth's new single sounds like Lemonade-era Beyoncé meets old school hip hop, and the video is 100% Brisvegas. This is one for the haters.

Each week, we select one artist to feature as our Spotlight Artist. This week, we’ve chosen KAYLAH TRUTH. For more Spotlight Artists, head here.

Brisbane-based rapper KAYLAH TRUTH has reached new heights of sophistication and sass with her latest single 'Wave', a middle finger to the haters and an ode to all her hard work. The track sounds like Lemonade-era Beyoncé meets gritty old school hip hop, and the video is 100% Brisvegas.

In the video, she asserts her success as an independent artist and flips the script of the stereotypical rapper. Her bad-ass image, hardcore flow and smooth beats demonstrate Truth is a real challenger on the Australian hip hop scene.

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Truth has been honing her musical skills as part of Poetic Murriz and Impossible Odds alongside her solo project, and has found her niche in pop-infused rap with a dance floor beat. "Being someone who grew up listening to The Spice Girls and all that, I was really influenced by the pop era," she explained in an interview. But her heart clearly lies with hip hop, as the genre displays her lyrical proficiency to maximum effect.

A Meerooni woman of the Gurang nation, Truth grew up in Logan, just south of Brisbane. While her solo material focusses on more personal themes, she has often produced music with a political message and sees a natural connection between her Aboriginal heritage and her love of hip hop.

"The elements of hip hop are DJing, MCing, breakdancing and graffiti," she explains. "When you look at what makes up Aboriginal culture [you can see these elements], for example: DJing, we always have music, whether that's a didg or drums or whatever, MCing was the song man, the corroboree was breakdancing, and we've been doing graffiti all over the country for as long as anyone could guess."

With the release of 'Wave', Truth shows she's one to keep both eyes firmly planted on. The self-proclaimed First Lady of Brisbane is making her own moves in a sea of fresh rappers, and its exciting to see her rise to the top!