Live Review: Death Club 7 attacks the plebiscite with synthpop in 'Parliament'

24 October 2017 | 9:42 am | Holly O'Neill

Shining a harsh light on the devastating effects of the current postal survey on same sex marriage, Death Club 7 puts his truth into song.

Each week, we select one artist to feature as our Spotlight Artist. This week, we’ve chosen DEATH CLUB 7. For more Spotlight Artists, head here.

Producer and vocalist DEATH CLUB 7 is a Brisbane local that's been pretty prolific in his independent releases. Drawing from the DIY ethos of artists like GRIMES, BANOFFEE and OSCAR KEY SUNG, his synthpop originals take a more experimental approach. Death Club 7 usually matches oddly dissonant melodies and kitschy synths with his stunning soprano, but his most recent release goes in a poppier direction. 'Parliament' is a track that sees Death Club 7 coming for the Australian Government's decision to have a plebiscite (which then turned into a very expensive postal survey) to vote on same sex marriage, and the spotlight that this has put on the Australian LGBTQIA+ community.

The track features 80's era echoing vocals, swirling synths and a peppy drum pattern. Even though the production is light and energetic, the song still feels melancholy with guitars chords drenched in reverb and dark blippy synths layered with vocal samples.

As a queer youth himself, Death Club 7's lyrics point out the privilege in straight displays of public affection and love being seen as commonplace, while he is "othered" when he does the same. His lyrics ask for empathy as he questions how straight people could ever "know what it feels like to be out here by yourself when the world is telling your love should not exist."

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The vocal delivery in this track is empowered, as Death Club 7 implores people to see that love is love. His yearning vocalisations between verses are a call to empathise with the LGBTQIA+ community, question straight privilege and move away from bigotry.

In the end he makes the point quite simply, hitting back at all the inflammatory arguments and sky writing of the Vote No camp with the line, "If you can love and make it real then why can't we?" All the proceeds from Death Club 7's 'Parliament' will go towards the organisation Minus18, a group that mentors, connects and supports LGBTQIA+ youth. You can support the cause with a download or give it a stream through the links.

This postal survey could be a huge step forwards for Australia, with so many other countries already having the right to allow same sex couples to marry. The outcome of this vote will effect national attitudes towards the LGBTQIA+ community for years to come, so your vote is important! Make sure you post your "YES" in by the 27th of October so the snail mail system can process it on time if you haven't already.