Live Review: Tom Trago lists ten of his favourite local Dutch acts

14 November 2016 | 9:04 am | Emma Jones

With a lineup already stacked with some of Australia's most exciting acts, COPRESENTS - a new event thanks to RMIT and Mushroom Group - just got a whole lot bigger with the announcement that JENNIFER LOVELESS will be joining the ranks, as will internationally renowned DJ, producer, live performer and labelhead, TOM TRAGO.

Set to touch down in Australia from Amsterdam, Trago has made a name for himself not only through his own work, but the work of his label as well, VOYAGE DIRECT. To get to know the label, and it's amazing ranks of local Dutch talent, Tom Trago compiled a quick playlist of songs we should get around. Check that out below, and see him do his thing this Saturday, November 19th at the RMIT Alumni Courtyard/Old Melbourne Gaol. All tickets are just $5 with all proceeds going to the Royal Children's Hospital. Trago will perform alongside Northeast Party HouseLOSSLESSTotal Giovanni DJs and more. For more info, head here.

Dexter - Junofest

The first release on the label and i can still feel the excitement first hearing the track and signing it, now almost 8 years ago. i still play this out, has a timeless feel to it.

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Interstellar Funk - House Train

I started playing this track a year before we released it when receiving a demo via a friend. No one else was really signing it and I thought it was too good to not release it, so we finally did.

Simon Weiss - Tele-Vision

Another talented, young producer from Amsterdam, Simon Weiss. This track reminds me of dark and  dirty warehouse parties with just speakers and a strobe. Mental!

Boris Werner - Upstairs or Downstairs

This release is better known for its more upfront a-side Acid Casino, but I really enjoy the more deeper b-side equally as much.

Awanto 3 - Im Cumming Baby

Another early release, the 2nd one in fact, from the master of the loop and long stretched, yet funky-as-hell, party tracks, mister Awanto 3.

Elias Mazian - Future Times

Music from the future with an old school b-boy twist to it. It reminds me of the music I did with Bok Bok.

House of Jezebel - I Took A Train In 1979

I could have easily listed his first release for the label, a remake of the Chicago classic Love & Happiness, but this one went by a lot of people and is easily one the better tracks by House of Jezebel aka Legowelt.

Darling - 80 Axes

One of the newer releases on the label. A fantastic pieces of beetles music by this very talented new producer of which I hope we will hear more goodness soon.

Maxi Mill - Speed Balance Weight

Had to include one of Maxi Mill’s tracks, as we have spent an enormous amount of time in the studio together, shaping each other. This track I have played out a lot, and still do. Perfect combination between tough and elegant.

Tom Trago - Hidden Heart of Gold

Sneaking one of my own tracks in there right at the end. I guess most people know me for Use Me Again, but I'm more proud of this track; the creation and mood is more personal.