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Live Review: Get keen for Summer Dance #2 with The Possé

16 February 2017 | 6:23 pm | Lloyd Crackett

The ever-cool The Posse have laid down their favourite tracks in the lead up for one of Sydney's best parties Summer Dance.

From even just the name, the cool factor is apparent – they aren’t just any posse, they are THE POSSE, and they are a collection of some of Australia most talented electronic music veterans. The fresh-from-the-start-of-2016 project of Ross Ferraro and Andrew Elston is also supplemented by an always interesting ensemble of musicians by the names of Jarrol Renaud, Michael Di Francesco (Touch Sensitive), NZ jazz keys prodigy Andrew Bruce and Harry Sutherland.

 The Posse established themselves quickly in the Sydney electronic music scene supporting NO ZU on their Afterlife tour and also scoring a Vivid Residency at Cake Wines Cellar Door. But it comes as no surprise as The Posse have an ear for what can be only described as a raw and transcending sense of groove; it’s an organic disco sound, funky and not overproduced. It’s a throwback without the use of samples, and it could slot easily into a discotheque decades ago but by absolute luck, we get to experience it now. The Posse’s ‘No Burrito’ is a groovy but chill track, it’s slow building and will only make you break a sweat if you don’t stop feeling the groove and dance it all out. It’s the perfect example of what makes The Posse cool, because they are all about a clean and smooth sound, there isn’t posturing in a brash or slick sound – just a back to basics, do what ya do well groove.

The Posse will be apart of what promises to be a massive event, the second Summer Dance on the 19th of Feb. Presented by Movement, FBi Click and THUMP – this will be the second of the outdoor parties that focus on a live line-up of local legends, letting analogue artists and electronic connoisseurs turn up the volume and get you grooving at the National Art School, Sydney.

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In anticipation, The Posse have let us know their favourite tracks and mixes of the moment to get you into the mood for Summer Dance. It’s an absolute all-round celebration of the beauty of analogue production and an excellent taste of what is to come at Summer Dance 2017. Enjoy!

Los Charly's Orchestra - Sunshine (Instrumental)

'Have been jamming the vocal version of this track from this band recently but the instrumental is just too good!'

Simon Caldwell @ Cake Wines 13 Nov 16

'Simon has been a big supporter and inspiration over here at Posse HQ since the beginning. Tasteful and skilled selections - this live recording from Cake Wines Cellar Door says it all really.'

Summer Dance Podcast #10 ~ CC:DISCO!

'CC is doing great right now (and has been for years) and this mix is the business - Don't miss her on the weekend!'

MK5 - Let's try it out (Feat. Midnight Runners)

'What a stinker, so good! Thanks to our friend Collette for the tip on this.We're big fans of the Midnight Runners over here too so it's a great match up.'

2000 Black - Two way here one way go/No Facetime (errors)/BBQ

'A sampler of the latest release from the label 2000 Black and group Tatham, Mensa, Lord and Ranks. arguably one of the most creative and talented conglomerates of the modern funk, soul & jazz era!'

Harvey Sutherland - Priestess

'9 Minutes of pure vibes! Production, sounds, arrangement and visual design all so nice.Fun fact:Our label mate and friend Graeme from GL plays drums in Bermuda and on this recording! Fun fact number two: One of our keyboard players name is Harry Sutherland and the two have been confused many times to date.'

Mike Who -Cornerstone Selections 001

'Mike's mixes always so good and this new series is no exception.'

Latrell - My Little Darlin'

'Some Interesting previously unreleased 80's funk from the "Family Groove" label - The recording has a great atmosphere going on.'

Sleazy Peek - Funken Wavetropi - Easy Time [Whyte Numbers)

'Jacking hats with a boogie bassline and very lush pads from the Sleazy Beats Label.'

Tuxedo - Fux With The Tux

'Tuxedo takes their brand of west coast boogie funk to the next level on this new ep - This is the title track from the EP which features Snoop Dogg on hype duties!'

Cool Uncle - Game Over (Feat. Mayor Hawthorne)

'Only caught this one recently (it came out last year) but it's awesome.We're massive Bobby Caldwell fans - it's great to be able to hear him still ripping and Mayer Hawthorne's vocals compliments him perfectly.'

Summer Dance #2 2017 is on Sunday the 19th of Feb at The National Art School featuring Harvey Sutherland and Bermuda (LIVE), CC: DISCO!, The Posse, Ben Fester, Haiku Thompson and Rydeen.