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Live Review: Squidgenini has created the grooviest soundtrack for your week

27 March 2017 | 7:25 am | Lauren Payne

Ya gurl Squidgenini has got you weekly soundtrack sorted!

If you're in need of a series of songs to accompany you on your weekly endeavours, SQUIDGENINI has got you covered. The producer is just oozing with good music and her witchy vibes are completely necessary for your commute.

If you're not familiar with her work just yet then let me break it down for you. She's smooth, theatric, light-hearted and haunting all at the same time and her music reflects her demeanour perfectly. She may have only one single out at the moment in 'Fire', but it was enough to have us hooked for good. It blends soft vocals with rough synths that just feels badass, with her easily relatable lyrics about an intoxicating, but dangerous, relationship.

Squidenini is set to return to her old hometown of Brisbane next month, for a brand spankin' new club night titled Why Thank You. Put on by Bedlam Records and Grain Zine, she will share the stage with the likes of GallusRohan The InternPocketmoth DJsRomeo Moon and the comeback show of Boss Moxi. It's going to be one hell of a night, so to get us further acquainted with little Squid, she's put together a playlist of her favourite tunes. Check it out here:

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Patrick Paige II 'Beginning'

"This whole album is super chill and Partick also seems super chill. Would rate 10/10 chill."

Princess Nokia 'Kitana'

"Holy shit I love Princess Nokia! I listen to this song at least once a day. Perfect for all moods. Is guaranteed to pick one up out of apathy within the first 14 seconds."

Cherele 'Vi$ions'

"ALL TIME FUNKY. What even is that clav. The Pharrell falsetto in the hook... uggghhhhh"

Kari Faux 'Sayonara 2k16'

"If you don't know Kari Faux..........find out. No Small Talk is genius!"

Little Simz 'Savage'

"This track is insane... so grateful Little Simz exists... and with a WondaGurl beat to boot. 'Anyone can rap fast... what are you actually saying... tell me'. "

Jessy Lanza 'Keep Moving'

"I saw Jessy Lanza at Sugar Mountain a couple of months ago... it was life changing. It took me a few goes to get into her latest album but now that I'm there... ahhhh."

2000black 'Feminist Meetings'

"Groovy toooones... Dego knows."

Maia 'Dopamine'

"This song takes me back to Brisbane on a rainy day, bit of fog hovering over the hills... hanging with ancient fig trees. Thank you Maia."

Erykah Badu 'Trill Friends' 

"My friend BOO showed me this track... a chill banger. I didn't think there was an Erykah song in existence that I hadn't heard. Wrong. We'd get down to this in the depths of winter with disco lights and home-made sushi. Thank you life for friends."

Tommy Genesis 'Execute'

"I used this as my walk on song when I played with Huntly last year (2nd ever show as lilsquid). Nerves evaporated... vision executed."

Why Thank You

April 7th, The Foundry

Words by Lauren Payne