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Live Review: Simona Castricum's 'Solid Techno Bangers'

20 April 2016 | 6:52 pm | Cailey Moroney

The ever fantastic SIMONA CASTRICUM has put together a playlist of 'Solid Techno Bangers' to get everyone warmed up and ready for action.

The ever fantastic SIMONA CASTRICUM is due to play a set at Good Manners this weekend, in celebration of the industrial rave she brings with her 2016 album release #triggerwarning40.

In preparation for the show she has put together a playlist of 'Solid Techno Bangers' to get everyone warmed up and ready for action.

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Underworld - Juanita / Kiteless / To Dream Of Love

"Best start to a techno-pop album ever - Second Toughest In The Infants."

Club - Redheads, Sth Melbourne '96

Jeff Mills - Java

"Best drummer in the world. Best DJ in the world."

Rave - Apollo Festival, Docklands '98

Luke Slater - Body Freefall, Electronic Inform

"Big track from his 1999's Wireless album - defined brutal moody techno for me. It became a soundtrack to my 3D architectural design modelling days at university."

University - RMIT Lv 7 Architecture Computer Lab, Melb '99

Richie Hawtin - Minus/Orange 1

"How he got this out of one bar of a Yello song is genius"

Rave - Two Tribes, Docklands '99

Green Velvet - Flash

"Best snare drum roll in history, perfect for the car on the way to the doof"

Road Trip - Geelong Freeway '97

Puetino Latino - Takes U' There

"Bring the rave - Hardware rave classic"

Rave - Planet Hardware, Docklands '98

Monika Kruse - Wavez

"First techno femme I saw with my own eyes."

Venue - Kryal Castle, Ballarat, 01


"Fucken banger from the undisputed God of Australian Techno."

Club - Savage '98

Der Dritte Raum - Hale Bopp

"Apparently this is trance - but nobody told me until last year."

Club - Prince Bandroom '98

The Astec Mystic - The Knights of the Jaguar

"Latino Tech in the late 90s was awesome and Dj Rolando created this masterpiece."

Club - Chevron - '00

Derrick Carter - People

"Nobody does jackin' house and techno like DC. Nobody."

Rave - TransAtlantic, Palace - '98

Miss Yeti - Ganz Nah

"Nights at Pony with DJ Toupee taught me everything about EBM - old skool and new."

Club - Meccanoid - '03

Dj Sprinkles - Grand Central Part I

"And then I understood that transfemmes also make techno, and I thought – so can I."

Club – First Floor - '13

Carlos Perron - Breakin' In

"I was late to this - but just in time all the same to find it on a Belgian New Beat mix by Theman called 'Tribute To Boccacio' with a sample from Warriors."

Gym - Brunswick YMCA - '09

Simona will take the stage at Good Manners Weekly this Friday the 22nd along with Alice Ivy and Cassettes for Kids