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Live Review: Running Touch curates a 'Courtesy Of' inspiration playlist

5 February 2016 | 8:15 am | Tom Hutchins

There is so much that went on behind the scenes of Running Touch's new single. So here's a 'Courtesy Of' inspiration playlist.

RUNNING TOUCH is a man on a mission right now, on the back of another single release and a huge 2015, the multi-faceted producer is looking to be one of the biggest names in Australian music very soon.

'Courtesy Of', his latest single dropped days ago, and "features many acoustic sounding elements such as guitar and piano in between synths and subtle vocal effects to create something that sounds like it could be played by either a live band, or a DJ, and not be out of place for either."

It's this kind of variety in themes, and influences that is setting Running Touch apart from many other similar producers - and upon talking to him about the new track, we realised there was so much that went on behind the scenes. So what better way to help describe the writing process, than with a 'Courtesy Of' inspiration playlist.

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Listen in to Running Touch's most influential picks below, and beware, there is some serious variety here. Expect the unexpected.

Toploader - Dancing In The Moonlight

"This is the end-game i was going for. This vibe. It’s a track thats always sat on the ever elusive medium. It’s reminiscent, melancholy and grinning all at once. Something about this track has always fascinated me."

Chet Faker - Gold

"Chet's distinct sound of realness has always resonated with me. You can hear the instruments, tell he’s playing them, that’s something that’s always drawn me to him. So all the little atmospheric niceties and efforts to make my own percussion accessories are thanks for Mr.Faker."

Milo - Zen Scientist (ft. Myka 9)

"All the tracks that influenced me lyrically for this have some kind of verbal prowess. That or they successfully deliver a story. Milo’s quirkily spoken word delivery influenced me alot."

Loyle Carner - Florence (ft. Kwes)

"Again, lyrically. Loyle has always been someone I feel really turns the page for you, yet still keeps it somewhat commercial enough for you to hum too. A lot of rap influences my lyric writing."

Clubfeet - Cape Town (Panama Remix)

"It’s no secret I like piano intros. I don’t need to elaborate on this one."

James Vincent McMorrow - Cavalier

"James Vincent McMorrow is a lyrical mastermind. He is easily one of my biggest inspirations lyrically."

Letlive. - Muther 

"I absolutely love how this song's story plays out. It’s a serious stand out in a genre that often struggles to really get across a unique message. Another lyrical influence for 'Courtesy Of.'"

Amber Run - I Found

"This is an absolutely spectacular piece of music. The atmosphere and depth of this track is just un-paralleled. Super motivating."

Jack Garratt - The Love You’re Given

"Like Chet, I’m head over heels for Jack's composition and musicianship. The way he uses instruments and distinguishes his song sections was a big influence to “Courtesy Of”."

Harrison Brome - Fill Your Brains

"Like Toploader and Amber Run, This is one of those moody beauties. Syrupy warm instrumentals with that authentic, powerful vocal topline."

Words by Tom Hutchins