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Live Review: Moody Beach unveils debut EP along with her Top 10 Favourite Shoegazers

15 August 2017 | 7:03 am | Freya Dinesen

MOODY BEACH (aka Melissah Marie) has unveiled her debut self-titled EP and shared with us her Top 10 Favourite Shoegazers that inspired her music.

Sydney-based artist MOODY BEACH (aka Melissah Marie) has unveiled her debut self-titled EP, following on from her two stunning single releases ‘Vanilla’ and ‘All I Do’.

As one this year’s brightest acts, Moody Beach whips up a remarkable concoction of divine shoegaze pop, driven by sweet, brooding tones and washed out vocals. This dreamy slice of nostalgic sounds harbours grungy nuances in an undeniable throwback to the 1990s, sugar-coating, melancholic vocals with dustings of colourful psychedelic melodies.

After moving to Sydney from Adelaide, Marie wanted to find more spaces to play live and develop her sound and began curating a quarterly Cult Club party held at a local barber shop near her house in Redfern. These gigs endeavour to showcase emerging artists from Sydney's underground scene, and ultimately solidified Marie's bedroom project into the full live band we see now with Moody Beach.

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The Moody Beach EP has just been released via Personal Best Records, exhibiting a smooth amalgamation of hazy neo-psychedelic waves and rich, polished textures that create this perfectly assembled debut of shoe-gazy alt-pop.

‘Vanilla’ offers an endearing ode to Rage TV's classic static infused imagery, flaunting vibrant neon hues and distorted outlines that merge in and out of focus - a perfect pairing to the ebbs and flows of Moody Beach’s hazy and luminous sonic palette.

‘All I Do’ time warps to a different style of nostalgia, toning down the illusory shades of sight and sound to present a cleaner production overladen with Marie’s surreal, spaced-out vocal style.

The latter half of the EP introduces a tempo change as ‘I Should Exercise’ adopts a slower burning, ethereal fuse. This is further absorbed in the coastal-vibed love fuelled ‘Hawaii’, bringing this texturally rich debut release to an emotional close.

Hot on the heels of the Moody Beach EP, Melissah Marie has shared with us her Top 10 Favourite Shoegazers that is sure set things to chill mode courtesy of these wondrous waves of dreamy sounds.


This was my feel-good hit of the Spring when it came out in October 2014. Now it’s just a standard feel-good hit of mine.


Another song I dig the drum sounds on. Also, the change into the chorus. Lyrics are perfect too, they feel true – you know?

NO JOY – Here Tarot Lies

Was so excited when No Joy released this. Remember feeling like the sound was exactly what my ears had been looking for at the time. Dark, spacious, moody.

THE GOON SAX – Sometimes Accidentally

Saw these guys at The Union in Newtown, brilliant. Solid indie pop and shoegaze combination. Enjoy.

THE BREEDERS – Forced To Drive

One of my fave acts of all time… Harmonies on point, always.

LUSH – Nothing Natural

I was at the Lansdowne for Budweiser’s Saturday arvo gigs last week, talking shoegaze with another punter and Lush came up in convo as his fave shoegaze band. Here’s to you Louie, for reminding me how great they are.

SLOWDIVE – Sugar For The Pill

Fell in love with them after hearing their track ‘Crazy For You’. Now they’re back!


Hey there Swedish shoegaze. Nice dark spin on this one. Dig the psych element too.

DEAD HORSE ONE – Season Of Mist

Found these guys on a Bandcamp blog. My love for French music started with Francoise Hardy but doesn’t end there…


Fellow Adelaidians! Shared a stage with Blush Response at Rocket Bar. I’m a big fan. Enjoy.