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Live Review: SOUNDCLOUD WRAP: Kit Pop

20 January 2014 | 9:43 pm | Nick Luke

We sat down with Perth beatmaker Kit Pop and got the low down on some of his fav tunes of the moment.

Perth-dweller and purveyor of fine beats, KIT POP is a heavyweight and high ranking member of the burgeoning Australian electronic scene.

As well as being an ace solo producer he has recently forged an alliance made in heaven with fellow Perth beatmaker TA-KU under the guise of HOWLS, which has started to make some seeeeerious waves worldwide.

It sure is an exciting time for KIT POP, and we managed to get some one on one time with the producer to pick his brain about what some of his fav tunes of the moment are in the latest edition of our SOUNDCLOUD WRAP series, here's what he had to say...

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MILO MILLS 'Sweeter Than Rice Cake'

'Upbeat jersey vibes, first heard Milo when he did the remix for Make it last for Ta-ku & JMSN. Progressively getting stronger with each release.'

A$AP ANT 'See Me'

'I like my ig'nant raps. This link above isn't even his soundcloud but its the song. Got this from the mob a lil while back and since then been interested to hear more from ANT.'

GANZ 'Get One's'

'Few months back but GANZ going in this year. The tracks energy has been a standout for me the past few months.'

FLYING LOTUS 'Stonecutters'

'One of my fav producers. This track first popped up while robbing people in Los Santos. It then got a sneaky release before xmas with a bunch of other ideas + drafts + stuff. ;)'

SUNNY LEVINE 'Baby' (Biggest Crush Edit)

'Original Donnie and Joe Emmerson but this version with the added low-fi break is so smooth and a nice little addition. Can listen to this on most days and relax.'


'Originally used for Mac Miller but i just love the sample loop that Clams used and showing his more traditional hip hop chops.'

TA-KU 'I Miss You'

'Gotta throw a homie joint in there. :) This was a track that still resonates with me, and was also another turning point in a friends musical direction and growth. Also helps getting nods from Willow Smith haha.'

CHIEFS 'Nevermind'

'If ya don't know Chiefs you probably will very soon! Dude blends beautiful melodies with booming beats. #chiefs2014 keep him on your radar.'

LORD RAJA 'Indian & Thislex'

'Man don't give a fuck. Always making interesting sounds without any influence from the outside world. His Vine is funny as hell as well.'

MALA 'Changes' (Harmonimix)

'Nothing has really gotten any better then this the past year.'

Catch KIT POP performing on our Purple Sneakers x Red Bull 'No Noise Nightclub' Stage @ Big Day Out in Perth on Feb 2nd.

Words by Nick Luke