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Live Review: Jalè's anti-basic playlist against traditional club sounds

30 March 2017 | 5:06 pm | Lloyd Crackett

If you are looking to appeal to your basic friends, turn back now - Jalè explores non-western music blended with electronic forms in her stand out sets.

If you are looking to appeal to your basic friends then turn back, JALÈ is not for you. Jalè has no intention to keep it simple or western and is inspired by the new generation of artist collectives who mix non-western music with traditional electronic forms. Her sets feature new sounds from around the world disrupting and re-imagining the idea of what contemporary club music is or should be. It's the music pushing boundaries you didn't know were there. It's recognisable in elements but as a whole, exciting and new - it's legitimately outside of the world you know.

Jalè will be playing alongside Gussy, Rebel Yell and Chord Memory Band this Saturday at the first of four Mellum Clublounge's at Wooly Mammoth in Brisbane. Mellum Clublounge seeks to be a more open event for those who want shake until their legs are jelly or just chill out in a safe space.

In the lead up to Jalè on Saturday, check out her kick ass Soundcloud Wrap below.

Foozool - Mer Parere

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"Foozool is one of my favourite producers at the moment.  With this track she blends an Armenian folk song with club and dance elements."

Sami Baha - Chunk

"Since its release two years ago, I have rinsed Chunk in so many of my sets.  Sami Baha mixes non western styles such as Arabesque, with traditional club sounds to create this hypnotising track."

Nkisi - Make me dance

"Nkisi is one of the co-founders of NON Worldwide, a collective of African artists and musicians. Nkisi’s fluid and trancy interpretation of techno is a style I have started to incorporate into my Dj sets."

Imaabs - Dramatic P

"Imaabs is a Chilean producer, and part of the NAAFI crew from Mexico.  His style of “industrial reggaeton” is hard- hitting, harsh, and consuming.  This track Dramatic P is a new release from him, and I can’t wait to hear it in the club."

Kamixlo - Bloodless Y

"Bloodless Y is a track I regularly play in my Dj sets. I really like how Kamixlo has mixed strong, metallic drums with a distorted but angelic vocal."

DJ Lag - Ghost on the Loose

"DJ Lag is one the key producers in the African genre of gqom. It’s hard to pick a favourite track from his latest EP, but Ghost on the loose is one that I like the play in the club."

MC Bin Laden - Bololo Haha

"MC Bin Laden is a baile funk rapper from Såo Paulo. When this track came out in 2014, he became well known for his controversial lyrics, and boisterous vocals."

Keep up to date with Jalè on her Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud

Catch Jalè at  Mellum Clublounge #1 at Wooly Mammoth in Brisbane on the 1st of April supporting Gussy, Rebel Yell and Chord Memory Band