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Live Review: Ahead of Purple Sneakers Twelfth Birthday, Isa tells us her top party bangers

8 June 2018 | 2:46 pm | Staff Writer

Balancing studying at uni and becoming one of Sydney's rising DJs would certainly have its fair share of challenges, but ISA makes it look easy. Having played at just about every club night and venue in Sydney, her diverse and always energetic sets have had bodies moving and filling up dancefloors all over the city for a while now, which is why we're so excited to have her on board to help us celebrate our Twelfth Birthday as part of VIVID Sydney next weekend!

Ahead of our party, we get to know ISA and dig deep into her USBs of party tunes to find out her top tracks to bring the good vibes! Check out her selections below and don't forget to snap up the last few remaining tickets for Purple Sneakers Twelfth Birthday to catch her alongside DRO CAREY, RAINBOW CHAN, THANDI PHOENIX, ANNIE BASS, ALTA, LOVE DELUXE and loads more. TICKETS HERE!

raingurl (Elkka bounce ya bootleg) - yaeji

My main memory of the original version of this track is from when I was doing a b2b with Holly O’Neill (aka Venus aka 1/3 of PS DJs) at Secret Garden Festival. It had begun to rain after threatening to all day, and stages everywhere were clearing out. But Holly got this glint in her eye and hit play on raingurl. As soon as the crowd realised what they were dancing to the vibe was electric. There were people on tables and on each other’s shoulders, shouting the lyrics with the sun shining through the storm. Afterwards everyone was covered with mud and ecstatic. Incidentally, she’s the one who sent me this edit, and it’s fire. 

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Helicopter Riddim – Obeyah 

I don’t think there’s a single person who wouldn’t want to drop it low when this comes on, and if there is, I don’t want to know them. This is awesome for when you want people feeling ready to get sweaty. 

Work it - Dennis Strop, Pasaro

Banger and a half. Are you the man who come to sweep my yard??? Are you??????

2 The Floor - UNIIQU3 & Ase Manual

This is the new one from UNIIQU3 & Ase Manual. I listened to a lot of jersey club for a while and overloaded my system a bit, but this track reminds me why I love the genre. UNIIQU3 is a queen.

Cardi got rich, they upset, yeahhhhh (Bartier Cardi - Ebony Boadu remix)

Speaking of jersey club, this Bartier Cardi remix/mash up by Ebony Boadu is 10/10. This only issue is I have three versions of this song including the original on my USB, so more often than not I’ll play the wrong one. I really need to rename that file.

Unleaded (ft. Marty Large) - Slim Set

These boys are probably my favourite act in Sydney right now (though it’s a tough competition). Atro’s production is masterful, fresh, and explosive, and it matches Dev’s flow perfectly. They’ve got a sense of humour, they’ve got the skills to back it up, and I can’t wait to see where they end up. I could’ve picked any track from this EP (Feeds), but the break down on this one always makes me laugh. “E10 only, fuck the futuuure.”

Around the World - Daft Punk

Ok so maybe I wouldn’t put it in a club set, but Around The World has the greatest break down of all time. I never not get shivers. I play it without fail at every bar gig I do.

Why Can’t U - hush hush

Another one reserved for bar gigs, I love this edit of Crave You by Flight Facilities. It’s recognisable enough to have people turning heads and singing along, and different enough to be interesting. Plus I was obsessed with the original at the end of 2016 so it tugs a few nostalgic heart strings.

DAP – Pasteros666, Arme

I love this track!!! It has all the hands in the air fist pumping joy of a 00s rave classic updated for right now. If I’m moving from club music into classic hits this is the song I’ll play.

Better Off Alone - Alice DJ

A closer if there ever was one. My ideal end to a set is the whole club sweaty as hell, hugging their friends, and singing along to a classic. I mean... it’s all for them at the end of the day.

Vivid Sydney and FBi Radio Present Purple Sneakers Twelfth Birthday

Date: Saturday 16th June 2017

Venue: The Lansdowne

Time: 6pm – 3am

Address: 2-6 City Road, Chippendale, Sydney

Price: $22.00 + BF. Tickets available here

Lineup in alphabetical order:

















Words by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied