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Live Review: Ahead of their Bigsound appearance, Imbi The Girl gives us a peek at sounds they're bumping right now

9 August 2018 | 3:24 pm | Staff Writer

In what has been a mammoth year for new music here in Australia, it's only fitting that the 2018 Bigsound lineup is as large and reflective of the diversity we have here in Australia right now. Across multiple genres and intersections, this year's national conference is set to be one of the biggest.

After what was a massive first lineup announcement, featuring the likes of PacesKota BanksElla HooperClypso and more, it was then announced that another 64 acts would be joining the lineup - totalling to 139!

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The second announcement added acts like DIDIRRINO MONOSAN MEICLEWS and of course, an artist that we've loved following - IMBI THE GIRL.

It's been a massive year for them - releasing a whole bunch of empowering, blistering and awakening anthems, like their most recent track 'Swell'. It's RnB at its punchiest and explores the rollercoaster of emotions we all know too well when it comes to feelings.

We thought it'd be a great chance to catch up and see what they've been bumping as of late on their stereo. There's an incredible array of tracks here, featuring not one but TWO Chance The Rapper tracks, some sounds from Electric FieldsVillette and more.

Check out their picks below.

65th & Ingleside - Chance The Rapper

This is my favourite track out of the 4 Chance recently blessed us with. That vocal sample is so wholesome, and the lyrics are so raw and real ~ the track lets us learn a lil’ bit more bout Chance and his journey, how could I not be a fan of that ?

This Is America - Childish Gambino

Oh man, this song is so powerful. From the first time I watched/heard it, I was hooked. Not only is it a brilliant song musically, but politically it is incredibly important, relevant and moving ~ but I’m sure y’all already know.

Beige - Villette

This song is one of my sad-bouy anthems. The soundscape is dreamy and ~wavy~ while the lyrics keep you grounded in a melancholic daze.

Work Out - Chance The Rapper

I had to. It’s just so good, he’s just so wholesome. Give this track a listen if you want to smile and remember there’s much hope for the future!

911 - Wyclef Jean

This track pulls on my heart strings like no other. If you know me, you know ~I love to feel things~ so a track that brings tears to my eyes (like this one) is immediately a life-long favourite.

Don’t You Worry - Electric Fields

I absolutely adore Electric Fields! This act is a must see. If ever they are in your area I beg of you, go treat yourself to a soul nourishing, mind-blowing performance by one of the best vocalists of our time. Also, this track is a genuine feel-good anthem. You’re welcome.

Awomen, Amen - Genesis Owusu

Another v important track, relevant as ever for today’s discourse on discrimination, toxic masculinity and feminism ~ also it’s got a stunning rhythm n’ groove to it. Big love for this song.

On The Door - Brendan Maclean

This is one of my go to boogy tracks. Perfect for hyping my anxious self up for a night on the town/in a warehouse. Gr8 vibes ~!~


HABITS are a duo who create tunes that are perfect for the wee hours of your Sunday morning, when you’re still vibing from the night before. I love them and reckon they’re at the forefront of a huge shift in electronic music and I recommend you get on board before you miss out ~~

Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go) - Garbage

Just wanted to use this opportunity to remind you that this song exists too, because it fills me with joy and empowerment and for some reasons feels like a bit of a f**k you to society and I’m always down for that.


4-7 SEPTEMBER, 2018


Photo by Emily Contador-Kelsall

Words by Caitlin Medcalf