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Live Review: Hartley takes us through the music that gets her out of bed

13 May 2020 | 3:35 pm | Emma Jones

Rising alt-pop star Hartley gives us the rundown on some of her go-to songs to help get her out of bed while in isolation.

An artist on the rise, HARTLEY is a name you had best remember. The alt-pop artist hailing from Brisbane is Australia's answer to BANKS thanks to her hard-hitting pop tunes infused with an electronic-tinged twist in its rich production, and with each release she goes from strength to strength.

Her latest single, 'Feel Too Much', is the most clearly defined representation of where Hartley is at the moment. When it dropped, we said of the track, "Sounding like someone you do not want to fuck with, she channels the likes of BANKS with her stunning vocals over deep, dark electronica, and pairs this with her expert songwriting to craft a bop that will remain in your head long after you’ve finished listening. Co-produced by producer LÂLKA and mixed by Simon Lam (Kllo), ‘Feel Too Much’ is an ode to that overwhelming feeling when you’ve got way too much in your head." It also follows on from her previous shimmering single, 'Bittersweet' that saw her team up with none other than NINAJIRACHI for co-production, and with both singles she's been set on showing her versatility in the electronic space as well as her chops as a force to be reckoned with in the pop world.

To get to know her a little better, we wanted to chat to Hartley about how she's going in self-isolation at the moment. Sometimes things can get really overwhelming, so for many of us, we turn to music to help us cope with the pressure and that's exactly what Hartley done here. Listing a bunch of her favourite go-to tracks she's been turning to at the moment to get her up and out of bed when the overwhelming feeling of the world gets a bit much, she's got plenty of bops to put her back in a good mindset. Hartley said of her playlist, "Here’s an eclectic mix of happy pop tunes that I’ve been listening to for at least the past month! It can be hard to keep a normal routine and get out of bed at a healthy hour when life s done a 180, so I’ve come equipped with music." Dive in below!

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The 1975: If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)

It’s embarrassing how often I listen to this song. I saw a video of the 1975 performing this before they released it and I was so ready to have it in my ears at all times. It’s also relevant to this isolation playlist because it’s about online relationships lol

Caroline Polachek: So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings

Caroline produces all her songs and is such an interesting songwriter, I recommend listening to this whole album. This song slaps.

Four Tet: Baby

Golden Features introduced me to this particular track of Four Tet’s and it’s so vibey, you kind of get lost in it.

Tal Bachman: She’s So High

I used to listen to this song on drives with my mum and dad when I was young - we used to scream the high note so loud we’d all just end up laughing lol

Clairo: White Flag

I love the whole Immunity album but I think this is my favourite of all the songs. It’s a beautiful listening experience.

Duckwrth: MICHUUL. & Crush

Basically I just love Duckwrth. He’s so fun and his music will cheer you up without fail.

The 1975: It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)

This was my go-to post-break up song because it’s about feeling like shit while sitting and thinking about someone, but it’s so ironically happy that you have to dance to it.

Christine and the Queens: iT

I first heard this one watching the tv show Girls a few years ago, and it’s still one of my favourite songs ever. Super empowering with such cool production.

Joey Purp ft. Chance the Rapper: Girls @

I love the production on this, and I also love Joey Purp and Chance respectively so the combination is super fun. You can’t not feel good listening to it.

Kito - Wild Girl ft Empress Of

Kito’s one of my favourite producers, and Empress Of has really cool music and visuals that I’m always taking note of. Listen to this on speakers or headphones with good bass.

'Feel Too Much' is out now.

Words by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied