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Live Review: A 'Fruity' Mixtape from Club Cheval

8 March 2016 | 3:05 pm | Tom Hutchins

Here's Club Cheval's very own 'fruity' mixtape, take that as you will.

It seems kind of weird to treat CLUB CHEVAL as a new artist. Yes, they have only just released their debut album, but this French four-piece have been a staple of the global electro scene for over 6 years.

Whether it was ridiculous remixes, deep and erratic club originals or solo releases from the collective minds of  are one of the pioneering groups of electro, at least according to much of Europe.

Finally though, CC have found their way into the hearts, mind and dancefloors of Australia, as the title track and lead single from Discipline was smashed across Triple J and community radio stations alike late last year.

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Now that the LP is out (it's fantastic btw) and the guys are perhaps thinking about visiting our fair shores, we managed to get them to whip up a quick playlist for us. What we got, was Club Cheval's very own 'fruity' mixtape, take that as you will. Regardless, it's easily the freshest, juiciest and vibrant mixtapes we've come across in a long time. (Get it? Because fruit is fresh, juicy and vibrant)

Para One - Kiwi

Para One is a super good friend of ours. We think he likes fruits too. He is an influence and this one is a good example of an emotional club track.

Booka Shade - Mandarine Question

Booka Shade always composes excellent melodies. Most club track hooks are made with vocals or chords, so it’s great to listen to tracks based on good melodies like Booka Shade’s.

Sophie - Lemonade

Every element of the sound design is A++. This snare, these FX... Y u so good Sophie ?

Photay - These Fruits, These Vegetables

A great producer from our friend Obey City’s very own label, Astronautico. Production is on point, ideas are everywhere. The definition of an accomplished track to us.

Cage - Agent Orange

An old rap classic. Cage was part of that weird rap scene including guys like Necro or Ill Bill. 'Agent Orange' is a tribute to horror. And we love it.


Pastor Troy - Georgia Peach

A lot of southern rappers made tracks using that Ray Charles 'Georgia On My Mind' feeling, representing the Peach State, Georgia, home of the most exciting rappers to us.

Alice Sapritch - Banananana & Noix de Coco

It’s part of the soundtrack of a movie called Les Vacanciers. The movie is kind of a B-Movie, and that track is the only thing standing out.

Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man

Herbie Hancock is a genius. His music could be released nowadays and it would still not feel old. This track is one of our favorites. Best intro.

Kanye West - Blood On The Leaves

Billie Holiday + Kanye West + Hudson Mohawke... what more can we say ?

Dorian Concept - Her Tears Taste Like Pears

Dorian Concept is a wonderful austrian producer, oscillating between electronica, jazz, and dubstep. This one is part of a superb EP released a few years ago, and it stays as beautiful as it was back then.

The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever

We cannot say The Beatles is an influence because the band is more than that. It must be an example for every producer. It's the perfect mix between creativity and pop. And those chords.

Cornelius - Star Fruits Surf Rider

One of the most exciting japanese producers, for more than fifteen years. Just watch the video and you will get the full experience.

Danny Brown - Blueberry (Pelican Fly All Stars Remix)

Our friends at Pelican Fly (DJ Slow Richelle and Mister Tweeks) did an amazing job reworking that cool track by freak rapper extraordinaire Danny Brown. We co-sign.

Junior Senior - Shake Your Coconuts

We love Junior Senior since we are young. It was playing a lot on the FM radio in the 00’s. We are nostalgic of that time when mainstream radios could play Prodigy, Fatboy Slim or The Chemical Brothers.

Words by Tom Hutchins