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Live Review: Black Vanilla's Soundtrack To The Underground

10 July 2015 | 10:04 am | Tom Hutchins

In honour their underground roots, we grabbed Black Vanilla for their Soundtrack To The Underground, comprised of tracks from acts that are the next wave.

BLACK VANILLA was born out of the underground, for the underground. When the Sydney-sider's, Marcus Whale (one half of Collarbones, plus his own alias, Scissor Lock) Lavurn Lee (aka Guerre and Cassius Select) and Jarred Beeler (DJ Plead) came together, there wasn't any aim to release music. It was to purely create experiences in some of the darkest, smallest, sweatiest rooms in Australia.

Of course things change, and over the course of the last couple of years, we've seen Black Vanilla originals escape into the world - but they are still masters of the underground domain: high-energy, sensual and sweaty. Their latest single 'Slug' testifies to that, with "a percussion base driving it forwards, creating a feel of both suspense and urgency".

So in honour of not only their upcoming 'Slug' Launch shows, but also their underground roots, we grabbed Black Vanilla for their Soundtrack To The Underground, comprised of tracks from acts that are the next wave.

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Habits 'Friday Lite Mix for GoodGod'

Habits from Melbourne. We’ve been fans of theirs from the beginning.

Specifically Marcus: “This mix re-ignited my love of post-industrial music of the 80s”

Cop Envy 'Klatter'

Icy-boy Cop Envy from Syd. Incredible aesthetic, rhythms and name. Probably was once a cop and misses it now.

BLOODZ BOI '给你整点儿尿喝喝' feat. 3Bangz + 茶米 + 狠毒男孩

Lavurn made us aware of this the other day. That hook is $$$.

Alan Johnson 'Goron Sound'

Another Lavurn tip. That bassline could be Lavurn’s. It might actually be another side project of his.

Sadat & Alaa Fifty Cent 'The Release'

Most importantly: electro chaabi. Furious Egyptian Autotune. I guess this isn’t ‘new’, but it's still so good.


Arka of GoodGod Sound Unlimited FBi Click show fame played a Lacrim track (feat. French Montana) in his car the other day. We were into it, so I found more songs and here is one of them.


We’ve been playing this out a lot recently. When that clap and 808 kick hit is bliss.

DJ Logic 'Perfume'

A relentless DJ Logic tune. She’s got it. We’ve played this in (almost) every DJ set since its release. If all goes to plan you’ll see her at the second BV Quarterly later this year. ;)

Tracy Chen 'Moving'

After all those hard drums there’s this from Adelaide’s Tracy Chen.

You can catch Black Vanilla supporting their single, 'Slug' live in Sydney and Melbourne. Dates are as follows:

Friday, July 1o

GoodGood Small Club, Sydney

Black Vanilla Quarterly w/ Magda Bytnerowicz, Body Promise, Ying Yang Dance Promise

Friday, July 17

Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne

w/ HTMLflowers, HABITS and Felicity Yang

Words by Tom Hutchins