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Live Review: Beatrice offers stunning debut single 'Grid' & tells us what she's been listening to

31 August 2018 | 3:01 pm | Staff Writer

Beatrice is stepping out on her own and the result, debut single 'Grid', is just another notch in her already impressive belt.

BEATRICE is no novice when it comes to making forward-thinking electronic music. Being a member of the rowdy party favs HAIKU HANDS and the endlessly evocative KARDAJALA KIRRIDARRA - two acts that are seemingly worlds apart - Beatrice has proven time and time again that she has the ability to do it all. But now, she's stepping out on her own and the result, debut single 'Grid', is just another notch in her already impressive belt.

e again, miles away from anything Beatrice has released with either Haiku Hands or Kardajala Kirridarra. It's a clashing, glitchy, electronic wonderland - akin to Flume or SOPHIE - but with her own gritty twist. The synths burst at light speed around you while the bass creeps up from within, offering a completely immersive listening experience.

With a discography like hers, it's clear Beatrice is incredibly well-versed in a plethora of genres. So we asked her to give us the deets on what she's been listening to lately, and she's worked up a playlist of your dreams.

Coucou Chloe - The Letter (Nuxxe)
I love this song. The vocal effects at the start and throughout are so so awesome and it has such a heaving yet subtle drop. Her whole EP ‘Erika Jane’ is great, the production is epic and I think she’s going to be massive:

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Young Magic - Lucian

My beautiful friend Maja aka Mynolia was showing me reference tracks for her upcoming EP when we were sitting in her little sun filled kitchen in Berlin last year and she played this song. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, so delicate and so deep and wide and magical. I’ve listened to it a lot since then, I really love the vocal production in it:

Max Richter - On the Nature of Daylight
This tune. What the actual hell, it’s one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. The whole album ‘Blue Notebooks’ was just re-issued this week because it’s 15 years since it was first released so I have been listening to it again and it’s a special body of work. This track sounds like what the love between two of my best friends feels like, they walked down the isle to it and needless to say I was a snorting mess. I hope that image doesn’t taint your listening experience:

Aaron Martin - Water Tongue
This song came out a while ago and I remember when I first heard it I just had to stand completely still to understand what was going on. It’s so simple yet it makes my chest feel like it’s caving in every time I listen to it:

Speechless - Unwanted
I was feeling a bit heavy of heart this week and I messaged my friend Paulus for some music to listen to while I did a bunch of admin. He sent me this guy Speechless and it was exactly what I needed. This track ‘Unwanted’ is one that I really loved, there is also another good one called ‘I’ve Been Good’. I really like the piano sound and the lo-fi hiphop beats:

Ibeyi - Oya
These sisters are two of the most gorgeous joy filled sunbeams on the planet. I listen to them often, the harmonies, their stories and the production is so simple but so elegant. They are amazing live if you ever get the chance!

BICEP - Glue
I saw Bicep play at Pitch this year and their set was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. I have chosen my recent favourite of theirs called Glue but they have another track called ‘Just’ which is also stunning. Sometimes when I like a new tune I will literally listen to it on repeat for weeks, that’s what happened when I heard those two:
Rival consoles - Unfolding
I love this guy. His synth sounds and timbre’s are like no one else, he's a special producer. I wanted to share a song called ‘Looming’ but I couldn’t find the full version on his Soundcloud, you should definitely look it up! This is one from his latest album and it has that driving sound of his that I love, supported by such beautiful harmonies and textures. His also coming to Australia in November and I am excited to see his live show
Mad Zach - Guerilla Project
Mad Zach is good friend of mine and one of the most inspiring people in my life. I love the way he relates to sound and synthesis and how he makes music. We’ve written a few tracks together and every time I learn so much as a producer. This is one of my favourite tracks of his but he has so many:

JLin - Nandi 
Holy moly. Jlin is the future of music. Karajala Kirridarra played at MONA this year and when we walked off stage the stage manager said the people after us had cancelled and JLin was going to play next and did we mind sharing a green room with her. Ummmm nope I didn’t mind at all… Her set was mind blowing, she’s like a visual artist but with sound, her set felt like I was listening to a Jackson Pollock painting:

Catch Beatrice playing at BIGSOUND this coming week. Details below.


Wednesday, 5th September

The Flying Cock

9:50pm - 10:20pm

Thursday, 6th September

Woolly Mammoth

11:30pm - 12:00am