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Live Review: The songs that will stay with Annie Bass forever and ever

27 August 2020 | 12:39 pm | Emma Jones

A longtime favourite of ours here at Purple Sneakers, Annie Bass made her welcome return earlier this year with 'Hold On'.

A longtime favourite of ours here at Purple Sneakers, Annie Bass made her welcome return earlier this year with 'Hold On'. An eerie, foreboding and intoxicating single, 'Hold On' marks the next evolution of the artist, returning with a new sonic direction and a new outlook on life as a whole. Once again teaming up with Christopher Port, the frequent collaborators join forces once more as they take a journey into the darkest parts of Bass' mind, creating almost a conversation between Annie and her anxiety. At the time, we said of the release, "Sometimes we have to confront ourselves and our fears to be able to move forward, and while that is by no means an easy feat, it’s a vital part of life and its this that Annie Bass manages to capture." By using two vocal lines -one precise and sharp, and the other distant and distorted- Bass and Port capture this internal conversation, setting it to unsettling production which further hones in on the challenges we all face when really looking at ourselves. It's a seriously impressive feat in that its ambitious in its lyrics just as much as it is in its sonic arrangement, and shows Bass really coming into her own all over again with her music.

So, with this new direction in mind, what better time to get reacquainted with Annie than now? Here, she takes us through some of the songs she's holding onto, and details as to why a few in particular will stay with her forever and ever. Serving as a snapshot into her journey so far as an artist and lovely human, this playlist is a really special one. Dive in below:

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The Heart Asks Pleasure First, Michael Nyman

My Mum gave me the soundtrack to The Piano years before I saw the movie. I was home from school sick, and remember the day so vividly. I listened to the album over and over again, now whenever I hear it I picture being wrapped up in my parents bed, all safe and cosy.

Retrograde, James Blake

The first time I hear this song it stopped me in my tracks, and I felt the tears coming. It was like the whole world had slowed down. I think I listened to this song everyday for about 2 years (at least).

Hanging On, Active Child.

For a whole year, I had a ‘falling asleep playlist’. It was basically this track, and Retrograde (see above) on repeat. Countless nights I fell asleep to this song, it was during a particularly rough time and now whenever I’m lonely or sad, this song is the first song I turn.

Honey and the Moon, Joseph Arthur

I moved to Melbourne (from Adelaide) to study when I was 17. I thought I was so grown up, but I was really such a baby. I remember putting this song on, and feeling like anything and everything was possible in a new city.

I Don’t Wanna, Aaliyah.

When I was about 12 or 13 my sister got her first car (this big ugly Magna that I loved) and the only tape she kept in the car was the Romeo Must Die soundtrack. I remember thinking I was so cool driving around listening to Aaliyah and DMX.

I’m Good, I’m Gone, Lykke Li

While I was living in Melbourne I met one of my best friends. She went on to introduce me to the best music, including Lykke Li. This song was her ring tone (remember when that was cool) and was the soundtrack to so many amazing nights.

My Love, Christopher Port

I’ll never forget the first time I heard this song, I was completely obsessed. Turns out Chris was playing at the Oxford Art Factory that night, I went to see him and was so blown away. I slid into his DMs the next day, and so started the most beautiful friendship. He is one of the kindest, and most talented people I know.

This Is What It Feels Like, BANKS

I remember hearing this song for the first time and thinking “I want to make music like this”.

Roads, Portishead.

I was in Paris on a high school music trip and we were leaving to drive to Switzerland. I was feeling so homesick, but so amazed at how beautiful everything was. A friend gave me the Portisehad album to listen to but I barely made it past this track. It was like every single thing I was feeling captured in a song.

Hurricane, Bob Dylan

I was lucky that both my parents had pretty amazing taste in music. When this song would come on my Mum would go somewhere else, she’d completely disappear into her own little world. I’ve always wondered what she was thinking about, now I’m pretty sure I make exactly the same expression.

Introduction by Emma Jones

Image by Morgan Sette