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Shot For Sneakers: Luboku

8 February 2019 | 12:01 pm | Staff Writer

It's been a big couple of months for Melbourne-based producer LUBOKU. He delivered his debut EP The Surface at the tail end of 2018, putting forth a poignant six-track journey through his careful style of production and painting a beautifully complex picture in the process.

Right now, he's currently out on tour in support of the EP, finishing up tomorrow night at the Cambridge Hotel in Newcastle.

In amongst all of this, he's also found the time to release a new single, 'Solar Flare', which really feels like an apt amalgamation of all of the sounds and ideas explored by him to date. It's Luboku at his most complex, and in similar vein to artists like Willaris. K, it's electronic music with intense emotional depth.

Before his hometown headline show a couple of weeks back, photographer Tyhe Reading met up with Luboku to take a few snaps for our Shot For Sneakers portrait series. In stead with Luboku's beautifully unassuming production style, these snaps accurately reflect the attitudes captured in his sound.

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Check those out below while you give 'Solar Flare' a listen, and give Tyhe a follow on Instagram here.

[gallery link="file" columns="2" size="full" ids="83708,83709,83707,83706,83704,83711,83681,83694,83702,83703,83701,83700,83687,83699,83691,83692,83695,83683,83710,83678,83688,83682,83685,83684,83696,83686,83679,83705,83698,83689,83693,83680,83690,83697"]

All photos by Tyhe Reading for Purple Sneakers