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17 September 2018 | 5:36 pm | Staff Writer

Purple Sneakers teamed up with emerging photographer Joseph Crackett for a series of the hottest acts at this year's BIGSOUND, starting with Imbi The Girl.

Purple Sneakers has teamed up with emerging photographer Joseph Crackett of ONLY ODD to hand pick and shoot some of the hottest artists performing at this year’s BIGSOUND. The series, titled #SHOTFORSNEAKERS, focuses on Purple Sneakers and Only Odd's shared passion of emerging artists. Over the coming weeks we’ll be revealing selections from the shoots, shot by Joseph in Brisbane's Winn Lane.

Today, we're very excited to share IMBI THE GIRL.

Imbi The Girl is an artist that mixes poetry with hip-hop, soul, jazz and more to create a truly unique force. Their debut EP, dropped just last week, is a deeply personal sonic journey that deals with unrequited love, mental health, coming out, growing pains and more, but details all of these struggles as things they've since overcome. A collection of songs that they've had under their belt for a while now, they represent times in Imbi's life that they've since come out the other side from, and it's this infectious positivity and optimistic outlook that makes Imbi so special. Sure, things can get bad, but Imbi's here to remind you that things are going to be okay. From the love letter to themselves in 'V.I.P' to dealing with inner turmoil in 'Swell', Imbi's music is a warm and generous and loving hug that wraps its arms around you and doesn't let you go until they know you're okay.

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Set to perform at this year's Listen OutImbi The Girl's music is a refreshing breath of fresh air in the Australian music scene and we cannot wait to see what they do next! Check out the full gallery below, shot on both Canon A-1 with AGFA Vista 400 film, and on Canon 5D M2.

[gallery link="file" ids="79907,79906,79905,79904,79903,79902,79900,79899,79897,79895,79894,79893,79892,79891,79888,79887,79885,79881"]

All images by Joseph Crackett