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15 October 2018 | 5:56 pm | Staff Writer

Purple Sneakers has teamed up with emerging photographer Joseph Crackett of ONLY ODD to hand pick and shoot some of the hottest artists performing at this year’s BIGSOUND. The series, titled #SHOTFORSNEAKERS, focuses on Purple Sneakers and Only Odd’s shared passion of emerging artists. Over the coming weeks we’ll be revealing selections from the shoots, shot by Joseph in Brisbane’s Winn Lane.

Today, we’re very excited to share HANDSOME.

With the release of her debut EP, No Hat No PlayHandsome urged her listeners, fans and community to question everything about the notion that the older generations always know best. “The title is a rule that we all grew up with in Australia, that was a playful way of reminding children of the dangers of the sun, and the damage that can be caused if you don’t cover up your skin. Not that I defy this rule – but it carries a certain agenda with it that cannot be ignored, and that is that simply older generations know better. I started HANDSOME to question this entirely, and No Hat No Play explores this in depth.”

She continued, “I feel like the world is having a moment of celebrating one’s self-expression, it is powerful at this time to be yourself and I guess this also comes at a time when I know myself better than ever. It took time for me to know who was, and now its here I want to do whatever I can to encourage and support others to be brave and proud of who they are through my music.”

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The thing we love about Handsome the most is the fact that her music encourages self-acceptance, self-love and selfless love for others in such a way that you can't deny it. Whether you're having the worst day of your life or you're watching someone you love suffer immensely, Handsome's music speaks volumes for the power of all forms of love. Friends, lovers, partners, just you and yourself, it's all important and it's all valuable to someone. Being released in the excruciatingly tense and awful time during the same sex marriage survey last year, Handsome opened her arms wide and said to those suffering, "You're not alone," and she and the Handsome gang have continued to be a metaphorical hug for many. Now, with her debut EP out in the world in all its joyous glory, there's absolutely no stopping her and we can't wait to see what she does next.

Check out the full gallery below, shot on both Canon A-1 with AGFA Vista 400 film, and on Canon 5D M2.

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