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Live Review: Saorsa's 'Ghost' is an empowering, R&B memoir of one-sided affection

21 September 2018 | 12:33 pm | Jackson Langford

"I could taste the apathy lying in your sheets" is a heartbreaking lyric of one way love, but on 'Ghost', Saorsa isn't about to be a damsel in distress.

When the opening hints of SAORSA's stunning voice on 'Ghost' begin, it's easy to be taken aback. While chilled electro-pop is becoming more and more dominant in the Aussie music scene, it's rare that we hear a new voice that has this clarity and soul but doesn't obstruct the stunning production. However, Saorsa has made that balancing act look easy and pulled it off with flair, style and an effortless cool that you just can't fake.

Real name Sarah Tuckerman, 'Ghost' is an all-too relatable memoir of modern relationships set to a throwback soundscape. "You're a ghost, boy/A poor excuse for chivalry/You used me once, threw me aside/One more girl hanging out to dry" she asserts in the chorus. The synths delicately float along throughout the entire track, and adds a serious dose of sweetness to an otherwise biting track. She sings every word with attitude and self-assuredness, and makes sure her message is heard loud and oh so clear.

"I could taste the apathy lying in your sheets" is, on paper, a heartbreaking lyric of one-sided affection, but on 'Ghost', Saorsa isn't about to let herself be a damsel in distress. She stands solid in her decision, and isn't letting an ex-fling get the best of her. Set to the soothing, familiar production of the 90s R&B stars the song draws its influence from, it's clear that ghosting has never sounded so damn good.

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Image: Supplied