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Live Review: Rudimental soulfully serenaded the crowd at the Hordern Pavilion

14 June 2019 | 12:00 pm | Izzy Stackpool

The english drum and bass band provide a groovy set at their sydney gig at horden pavilion. Tracks included old favourites as well as new hits

English drum and bass band, Rudimental, let loose at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion, grooving along with an enthralled crowd. The four guys, and a large talented band, weren’t afraid to provide the energy. They treated the audience as old friends, and were clearly at home on stage, having so much fun that it was simply infectious.

Their music has also been likened to jungle soul and electronica, and they are responsible for some classic radio hits like ‘Feel the Love’ and ‘These Days’. The talented quartet also won a BRIT Award for Best British Single in 2014 with ‘Waiting All Night’.

The show kicked off with our local favourites Sneaky Sound System, providing the opening set and it absolutely went off. The crowd, which was refreshingly diverse, loved it! Everyone from teen girls to middle aged couples were there, but no matter who it was I can guarantee you they were into it. Sneaky’s cult hit ‘UFO’ had the whole room dancing and singing along.

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After they finished off a captivating performance, the crowd was left in tense anticipation. You could feel the energy collectively building as everyone waited impatiently for the stars of the night. There was a lot of whistling and excited chatter in the lead up. As the noise from the crowd came to a head, we were presented with the moment we’d all been waiting for. The four friends from Hackney, England took to the stage and began to play.

The Rudimental gig was unlike anything I had personally experienced. Everything from their vocal prowess and soulful melodies, to the skilled instrumental solos and entrancing stage presence. Not to mention the energy from the audience. The crowd were constantly jumping and singing along, and combining that with the drum and bass breakdowns, the air was electrified. The venue itself also provided an awesome atmosphere, particularly with the show’s use of lighting. There were strobes, colours and lots of movement, that always seemed to match the song perfectly.

The dynamic group clearly have fun on stage, and more importantly, with each other. You can really tell that they grew up together, with a strong presence of friendship evident throughout the whole show. Their performance style is fun and comfortable, as they get into the groove of the music along with the crowd. It was also refreshing to see such a relaxed performance, where dancing around the stage with your red solo cup is accepted and encouraged.

The majority of Rudimental’s setlist came from their new album, Toast To Our Differences, but still included plenty of noteworthy hits from their past two records. It was a night that can be described as nothing less than entertaining, groovy and fun.

Photo via Facebook