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Live Review: Alex Cameron delivers an unforgettable live experience at Sydney show

12 March 2020 | 10:30 am | Evie Weily

Alex Cameron made his energetic and anticipated return to Australia for a selection of headline shows around the country.

Alex Cameron made his energetic and highly anticipated return to Australia for a selection of headline shows alongside his appearances at Wollongong's Farmer and the Owl Festival and Brunswick Music Festival in Melbourne. The US-based, Sydney-bred artist performed his dreamy 2019 album, Miami Memory, at the Factory Theatre in Sydney on Friday March 6 for what was an unforgettable, action-packed live experience.

The homecoming sold-out show was a voyage of infectious on-stage dancing, sax solos and cinematic evocations of modern synth ballads. Pairing crowd-loved favourites from earlier albums such as Forced Witness from 2017 and Jumping The Shark in 2016, Miami Memory was given the love it deserves and only proved that Alex Cameron is the loudest character of his own music.

Cameron soaked up adorned applause as he stepped onto the stage in his classic look of black suit pants and a white singlet, partnered with slicked black hair and no eyebrows to match. Following signature dad moves and cheers for his band, in particular his business partner and saxophonist Roy Molloy, Alex Cameron launched into the show and started with a recognisable keys solo in 'Bad For The Boys'. As the show progressed, Alex Cameron's heavy handed arrangements and lyrics are clearly struck a nerve within the audience, highlighting the devout loyalty from his fans as they delighted in his performance.

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With the assistance from the aforementioned Molloy, the sophisticated structure of the show was met with overarching themes taken from his back catalogue that were bleakly comical. In contrast to Cameron's sleek rock-star persona, this fragment of the show is purely emphasised by Molloy's in-depth review of the stool he was sitting on which rated weight endurance, stack-ability and overall comfort.

Tracks such as 'Country Figs', 'Stranger's Kiss' and 'Candy May' were all met with pure liveliness and passion, and brought an entirely new definition to what it takes to be successful in a live setting. Alex Cameron's greatest music skill is his ability to branch outside of the audience's comfort zone and sets the bar high for usual shows, as he turns to worlds that are built on flawed characters for a highly entertaining encounter.

There is an evident high level of world-class showmanship in Alex Cameron's performances. Amongst the entertainment, he seamlessly drew well-loved material from all three of his acclaimed albums, whilst turning to his true 80s, Springsteen-esque style. Pushing boundaries in the alternative scene, Alex Cameron is a force to be reckoned with in both artistic skill and equally striking fashion.


Photo by Village Sounds