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Live Review: Retiree Curate A Very Tight List Of Tracks For Their Soundcloud Wrap

20 October 2016 | 12:47 pm | Lauren Payne

Retiree never cease to amaze.


Retiree never cease to amaze us. With every new track they bring something new to the table and always blow us away. Their latest single ‘Continental’ is just another vessel to transport their incredible talent into our unassuming eardrums. The track is actually getting its own launch party at Boney in Melbourne as well, so everyone can experience the music the way it was meant to be heard - among friends.

Not too long ago we asked Retiree to compile a playlist of their favourite Soundcloud tracks. Their list included Sui Zhen’s ‘Take It All Back’, a sweet remix Bryan Ferry and a Dick Diver track that we quickly became addicted to. It was a fantastic playlist that we had going for days and so because we trust their judgement, we’ve asked them to pull together another Soundcloud wrap for us.

Are you prepared?

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Hush Moss 'Perfect Proof'

"Hush Moss is a smooth unit. Always dig the slowest song by people who make bangers. The bangers are also sick though" - Tori

Lost Animal 'Too Late To Die Young'

"Ex Tropical is one of my fav albums but I've thrashed it so hard for the last there years I’ve had to avoid it for a while...luckily the new record is on its way. This track is pretty wild and intense, looking forward to hearing what comes before and after it when the full length comes out" - Tori

Spike Fuck 'Tomorrow We Get Healthy'

"Got to see this legend play for the first time at the Tote a couple of months ago. Really captivating, honest music and very sick dance moves. It translates quite well recorded. She writes really interesting lyrics." - Tori

Harvey Sutherland 'Priestess/Bravado'

"Mike’s the man. All his songs are wild. Bit weird putting a 12” teaser on here but I've been thrashing it so whatever. It was super exciting seeing him launch Clarity Recordings the other day and look forward to the upcoming releases." - Tori

Rezzett 'Doyce'

"Rezzett have it all, & this track feels like trying to remember a movie you’ve watched in a dream." - Matt

Arca 'Entranas'

"For some reason, I can't get into Arca in album format. I love the tracks, but it doesn't feel as natural as his mixtapes do, smooshing them all together to create a journey through all different types of sonic landscapes. Good one to read a dramatic book to." - Matt

 Andreas Fox 'Va-Coloured Stones'

 "I was on holiday on the south coast with my girlfriend & had no internet to stream music, and this was the only track on my phone at the time so we listened to it about 50 times over a couple of days & never got tired of it. Put together by Andras Fox & Lewis Fidock, this is a mix of music by Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders. It turned me onto a lot of artists I hadn't heard before & hopefully will for others too." - Matt

hobowithasynth 'Il Paradiso'

"The mysteriousness of it. I have no idea who the artist is behind “hobo with a synth / cowbell monsoon” as they only have this song on soundcloud, but it’s a song I’ll never get sick of." - Marco

Luca Lozano 'Trushmix'

"Luca Lozano’s mixes are always super tasteful and are pretty diverse from 90s acid house to ambient japanese music. I’ve been kicking myself since I missed him at a warehouse party in Sydney a few months back." - Marco

Julian Horn 'New World'

"Dim the lights and crack open your finest bottle of red to this one. It’s a sensual mix featuring balearic bangers that have been delicately picked by, I think one of the most underrated DJs out there, Julian Horn." - Marco

Retiree 'Continental' Single Launch

October 29

Boney, Melbourne

Words by Lauren Payne