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Live Review: Rebel Yell heads to Iceland for hectic 'Take Away' clip

17 August 2016 | 1:42 pm | Emma Jones

Brisbane newcomer Rebel Yell isn't one to compromise, and has shared her hectic new clip ahead of the release of her debut EP this week.

Prepare for the all-out assault that is Brisbane's REBEL YELL.

The solo project of Grace Stevenson, Rice Is Nice's newest signee REBEL YELL makes hard-hitting, abrasive and totally enthralling industrial electronic music that I just can't get enough of. Set to release her debut EP this week titled Mother of MillionsREBEL YELL is making all the right waves with her unique and fresh take of experimental production and boundary-pushing tracks.

Her latest single, 'Take Away', is a constantly-evolving, heaving number with powerful beats, heavy distortion and intricate layers that see more and more gradually added to the track to make it more demanding and attention-grabbing as it goes along. It's urgent, and quickly delves into a kind of freakout that is only magnified with the self-made visuals that she's just released.

Created on her recent trip to Iceland, REBEL YELL gets even more weird and wonderful in the sometimes desolate, sometimes flourishing Icelandic landscapes. With some added effects to make it even more insane, REBEL YELL doesn't hold back - something that draws us in even more.

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Set to perform at Volumes FestivalBIGSOUND and a string of other exciting dates, REBEL YELL is set to end 2016 on a very high note indeed. You can hear Mother of Millions this Friday, August 19th via Rice is Nice.

Words by Emma Jones.