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Live Review: Rainbow Chan returns with 'Promises'

9 July 2018 | 9:37 am | Emma Jones

Fresh from performing at our sold out Twelfth Birthday as part of Vivid Sydney and ahead of her jumping on the enormous EXPO LIAISON festival tour, RAINBOW CHAN has just released a brand new single. Titled 'Promises', this is the first taste of her upcoming second album due out in 2019, and it's a hugely exciting one at that.

All about love and mobility in the global age, 'Promises' is once again an expertly-crafted slice of electro-pop that we've come to know and love from Rainbow Chan. Full of filtered synths, ticking percussion and samples from the first piano Rainbow Chan ever played, recorded on a recent visit to her hometown Hong Kong, 'Promises' has a romantic tinge across it, warm with nostalgia. Stuck at the cross roads of figuring out what to do when you meet someone and fall for them unexpectedly but the timing is wrong, and the question of whether you pursue it or forget all about them, 'Promises' pairs Rainbow Chan's masterful lyricism with her forward-thinking production to make a thought-provoking love song.

Sometimes summer romances and crushes accidentally develop into something so much more, but not just for people - it can happen with cities too. Sometimes you head into a foreign city and you become intoxicated on the palpable potential and promise it holds, before all of a sudden you have to leave and you absolutely don't want to. It would be foolish to make any promises, but you can't help but think, "What if?." Speaking to Noisey on her new single, Rainbow Chan said, "I was in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China and it just got me thinking about the allure of a new city and how that can open your mind up to the possibility of new beginnings. But it's also a projection of your own frustrations, a yearning to belong to someone, to a city. The song is about the promise of a new city, the promise of escaping, the promise of an emoji someone sends you and you're like ‘oh my god, they like me’. But really we're all a little bit lost."

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The rose-coloured lens of 'Promises' is another example of just how meticulous, refreshing and progressive Rainbow Chan's approach to pop is, and if this is anything to go by, her next record is going to be something really special. Catch her touring around the country at the dates below:


August 18 – Flemington Racecourse – Melbourne

August 19 – Claremont Oval - Perth

August 25 – Parramatta Park – Sydney

August 26 – Victoria Park – Brisbane

Tickets on sale via

Image by Jonno Revanche

Words by Emma Jones