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Live Review: Premiere: Lose Yourself Momentarily With Soft Powder's New Single, 'Running Through The Dark'

2 February 2022 | 1:17 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

Take a momentary break from the chaotic world that surrounds us with the new single from Naarm based producer and songwriter, Soft Powder

Since his 2018 debut EP, 'Shangri-La', Soft Powder, has established himself as a solo artist that toes the line between euphoric dreamscapes and evocative songwriting. Developing on his work as a part of alternative rock group Storm The Sky, Andy Szetho has enhanced his craft over an 8 year period of songwriting.

He's shared the stage with the likes of Pinkish Blue and Egoism, taking his intricate songwriting themes of identity and belonging across Australia and also China. Now, he returns with new single, 'Running Through The Dark', premiering today on Purple Sneakers.

The single enhances and bolsters the producers momentum heading into 2022, solidifying his unique sound. While yes, technically he operates in the world of lo-fi production, there is something otherworldly and grand about his ability to craft gorgeous songs.

'Running Through The Dark' continues this theme, inspired by 80s synths and washed heavenly guitar lines. It evokes a feeling of lit up, late night city scapes, rummaging through tall buildings and neon lightings and reflecting on those emotionally triggering experience. There's a certain feeling of mindfulness that is triggered across its four minute run time, one that is softly spoken while otherworldly, that provides a momentary relief from the hustle and bustle world around us, while allowing the audience to be fully enthralled by the context that surrounds them.

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“‘Running Through The Dark’ echoes those moments when your mind spins, everything’s a blur, and it feels like you’re spiraling out of control," Soft Powder says of the release.

"It’s about frantically searching for a “spark” to make the anxiety disappear, despite not knowing when or where this “spark” will present itself.

"It’s about becoming obsessed with this idea of momentary relief.”