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Live Review: PREMIERE: Slumberjack ft. Sable 'Sprinter'

1 April 2014 | 1:13 pm | Hannah Galvin

We've caught the first listen of Slumberjack's collaboration with Sable, titled 'Sprinters'.

Sometimes they sleep, but sometimes they make music; and when they do, we couldn't be more grateful. Something we've experienced today, as Perth duo SLUMBERJACK have kept their heads off their pillows to create a brand new offering titled 'Sprinter'.

Comprised of Fletcher Ehlers (DJ/producer) and Morgan Then (instrumentalist/producer), the duo are only approaching their musical union's one year anniversary within the next fortnight. Although their biography mentions their interest in a decent amount of shut-eye, time really does seem of the essence for these two, as they've already signed a booking deal, played Perth's Big Day Out (as part of Purple Sneakers' and Red Bull's No Noise Nightclub) and have released a bunch of material - some of it even scoring national radio play.

Creating a play-field of electronica that is distinctly their own, the boys have recently invited Perth musician SABLE into their arena to team up on their latest release, 'Sprinter'. Compared to previous material such as 'Crave The Rain' and 'Slumbertone', 'Sprinter' is definitely a song that pays homage to its title, as the elements depicted adhere to the speedy expectations of a time lord.

With Sable's contribution extremely evident, both artists have painted the sonic field with lush, regulated synth work, enthused beats, a whistling melody and an anthemic backdrop that resembles the shining lights illuminating an active sports stadium. With all of this working together, our minds are cast to a dusky pink and blue plain (such as the one making up the single's artwork) made up of dolphins sightings, slinkys, fluffy clouds and tomfoolery.

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Available for free download from the duo's BANDCAMP, listen to Slumberjack's 'Sprinter' whenever you want, wherever you want!

Words by Hannah Galvin.