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Live Review: PREMIERE: Get lost in Mel Blue's lush 'South' clip

12 December 2018 | 10:47 am | Caitlin Medcalf

What's better than a supergroup? A supergroup that is bloody talented, that's what. Take Sydney's MEL BLUE for example. The cruisy new six-piece is a conglomerate of a few other bands out of Sydney, and I gotta say, with the band scene in Sydney being so strong right now, it's no wonder this project is absolutely oozing with feel-good confidence.

Around a month ago, they dropped their debut single, 'South', and I guarantee this is one you're going to want to be spinning all summer long.

From the onset, we're delivered self-assured, cohesive indie with a beautifully lush touch of electro pop. The balance of this track is magnetising, and with the addition of a PB Underground sample, it's elevated to a thoughtful new level.

PB Underground's 'Part-Time Lover' caught the attention of bassist Luke and singer Oscar over the sound system of a venue they were at. That weekend, they figured out the bass line from the original recording, looped a few bars over the top and gave it a new chord progression.

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Drummer Jacob said "We knew if we wanted to actually use the song we would have to try reach out to PB Underground. We finally got in touch with them and after a few e-mails we came to an agreement for using the sample. They were legends about it!"

And 'South' came to be. And today, it's copping a lush visual to accompany it, which we're stoked to be premiering!

The clip is filled with all of the feels the track portrays, and it's actually very accurate in that respect. Where the track gets introspective about the trials of long distance relationships, the video portrays what seems to be a retrospective trip with a partner. The black and white across the clip gives a nostalgic feel, and we're thrown right into the memory of a time spent away together.

Where the track encourages you to celebrate the little moments of relationships that may seem hindered by outside influences, the clip portrays these celebrative moments and puts it all on the screen for you.