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Live Review: Premiere: KingIV gets dark with her debut single "No. One"

11 October 2016 | 10:49 am | Emma Jones

The future sounds dark if Melbourne newcomer KingIV (said: King Ivy) is anything to go by.

The future sounds dark if Melbourne newcomer KingIV (said: King Ivy) is anything to go by. Launching her debut single today, KingIV delves into the underground of electronica, throwing futuristic vibes and blending it all with a polished and refined sound - a confidence that is remarkable to hear on a debut single.

Eerie, glitchy, otherworldly and more, KingIV's "No. One" is catchy yet formidable, with vocal effects distorting her chant-like lyrics, whilst 808s pulse through. It heaves, yet glides effortlessly as it winds through glitchy breakdowns, sparse verses and bass-heavy breaks that make for not only a solid dance tune, but one that makes you think whilst boogying.

Although she sings about how "the worst is yet to come," we are predicting anything but for KingIV as she asserts herself as a force to be reckoned with with this single. Definitely an artist to keep both eyes on!

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Words by Emma Jones.