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Live Review: PREMIERE: Just A Gent taps Arno Faraji for 'Who Would Have Thought'

12 January 2022 | 12:09 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

Just a Gent is expertly building to his highly anticipated debut album, 'Planet Oasis', releasing another vignette into the project

Just a Gent is expertly building to his highly anticipated debut album, 'Planet Oasis', which is set for release on April 1st, releasing another vignette into the project this time tapping Arno Faraji for 'Who Would Have Thought'. The single follows an extremely busy 2021 for the producer, releasing a string of fan favourite singles including 'Aliens', 'Island Fever' and 'Swallowed Up'. The trio of singles saw the producer hone in on his signature sound as he built towards his magnum opus date to work, 'Planet Oasis'.

'Who Would Have Thought' is premiering exclusively on Purple Sneakers today, ahead of its official release tomorrow on the 13th of January. The collaboration with Western Australian up and coming hip hop firebrand Arno Faraji sees the two enforcers meet in the middle of their distinct sonic worlds. The execution is perfect, as Faraji delivers an evocative vocal over a bass and synth driven instrumental from Just A Gent.

Lyrically, the track was written by Faraji in a state of mental exhaustion, as he taps mantra's of inspiration, hustling and reflection. "If this track can work in a way that can inspire a thirst for more in anybody I’m happy!" he states.

Just A Gent also reflects this sentiment, stating, “‘Who Would Have Thought’ is a tune to listen to while you reflect back and appreciate everything you have done and all the hard work you put it to get to this point in your journey."

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"We wanted to give you that nostalgic feel and take you to another world."

On collaborating with Arno Faraji and the creative process of the track, "I made the beat earlier this year and having worked with Arno in the past on his tune ‘Bass Jumpin' I instantly imagined him on this one, so I flicked it over to him and thankfully he loved it."

"A week later he flicked back a demo and after a call or two and some back and forths we had it. Arno is a kickass producer himself so he was able to record his takes at home and I just mixed them to taste.”