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Live Review: PREMIERE: Golden Vessel takes Xavier Dunn to the heavens in angelic remix

10 November 2016 | 11:48 am | Emma Jones

Brisbane producer Golden Vessel has offered up one of his best works yet with a blissful remix of Xavier Dunn's 'Give In' featuring Airling

Brisbane producer GOLDEN VESSEL continues to have a banner year this year. Having released a slew of stunning remixes that showed off his production abilities that are only rivalled by what we can hear in his originals as well on his impeccable Before Sleep EP, Golden Vessel has carved his own space in the electronic music landscape. Now, just after he released his latest single, 'Vines' featuring WoodesGolden Vessel has taken on the new tune from XAVIER DUNN and reworked it into a blissful dream.

With tinkering percussion, swelling and blooming synths, the song starts off gracefully before Golden Vessel's signature meticulous beats come in to give the track some texture. Sounding rich and full, he intertwines Dunn's and guest vocalist AIRLING into an intricate masterpiece, precise and careful.

Steadily pouring more into the smouldering cauldron, Golden Vessel carefully guides his remix into a kaleidoscopic breakdown. It's one of his most impressive feats yet, and although we absolutely loved the original, Golden Vessel's version now has a special place in our hearts too.

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Words by Emma Jones.