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Live Review: PREMIERE: Enter a dream state with Kendl's expansive EP, 'Dreamlike'

20 August 2020 | 2:03 pm | Emma Jones

Melbourne based artist and composer Jesse Kendal, professionally known as KENDL creates some of the most meticulous, delicate and emotive soundscapes we've heard in a long time. Following in the footsteps of the likes of Bonobo or Four Tet, his evocative, meditative sonic journeys transport the listener far beyond their immediate environments and to another place entirely. After first hearing lead single, 'Turn', just a few weeks ago, we are now gifted with two more elegant songs, with all three coming together to form Kendl's aptly named Dreamlike EP—an EP we are thrilled to be premiering on Purple Sneakers today.

Combining various acoustic and electronic instruments and field recordings, Kendl's approach of focusing on the emotion within his music makes for an arresting listen time and time again. While the songs still sound entirely different from each other, they still maintain a common thread of transcending the listener's surroundings as he takes you by the hand to embark on an emotional journey together. Using spatial awareness, Kendl leans into a restrained, less-is-more approach with just enough so as to not detract from the palpable feeling. In doing so, he makes his mark with a fully realised body of work; one that stays with you long after its finished playing.

On his EP, Kendl said, "The idea behind the EP was to create music that embodies a world of its own. I wanted it to unfolded like a short story that conveys a strong sense of being and interconnectedness. The connectedness we feel within ourselves, with each other and with the natural world. I named the EP after its surrealism and ethereal nature, and I hope that it can provide some positive thought and reflection during these times."

Alongside the EP, Kendl has also shared a video of a live performance of his single, 'Turn'. Bringing the song even more into life than just with the audio version, the captivating performance highlights just how much technical skill he has in acoustic and electronic instrumentation. Surrounded by all the equipment he needs to make such a song, it's a snapshot into just how much is going on within Kendl's music, allowing us to appreciate the many sonic elements even more than before.

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Listen to Kendl's Dreamlike EP below:

Words by Emma Jones