Live Review: PREMIERE: It's time to get amongst Billy Fox & his colourful 'Shapes'

15 March 2017 | 9:00 am | Lauren Payne

Billy Fox has released his first track of 2017 and you should probably prepare yourselves because it's explosive!

Sydney has a habit of throwing some fantastic new DJs and producers our way every single day. It's a musical city, there's not much more to say. BILLY FOX recently arrived on our radar and it's a good thing he did too, because his music needs to be shared with the world.

Billy has been releasing original mixes for quite some time now, and if you've already heard what he can do, why did you not tell us earlier?!? We've fallen for his unique melodies that blend RnB with heavy digital synths that, when paired with any kind of vocal track, becomes a brand new force of pleasure. 'Shapes' is Billy's first release of 2017 and we are hooked.

Instead of a generic beat, Billy Fox decided to use a very digital sounding synth to bounce over the smooth vocals and airy melody he has created. All of these elements blending together does sound a bit odd, but when you listen to it, you become invested in the sound and start to wonder why more producers don't experiment with things like this more often. You feel pretty badass when you listen to 'Shapes' too. The vocals have a strong hip-hop influence and with those deep technological drops, you'll honestly feel like the most amped up person ever.

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It looks like this year, Billy Fox will be emerging from the streets of Sydney and taking over soundwaves across the country. With music like this, he's sure to stand out and really become a club night staple.

Now excuse us because we need to listen to this just a few more times...

Photo by Hareth Tayem Photography

Words by Lauren Payne