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Live Review: Some songs that kinda changed Teischa's life

1 September 2020 | 1:17 pm | Emma Jones

After sharing some glorious new visuals for the single as well, so what better time than the present to get to Fremantle-born Teischa a little better?

Fremantle-born artist TEISCHA has been on our radar for a while now, and over the years we have loved watching her bloom into an artist fully-fledged and self-realised. Over a steady string of releases since 2017, she's carefully and cautiously carved out her own space in the indie-electronic world, borrowing influences from a lot of different places but always maintaining her own unique sound. It's this that has kept us so hooked since the start — Teischa's ability to sound universal while still entirely herself is one quality that cannot be overstated, and we received the strongest example of this yet with her latest offering, 'be alone'.

At the time of the song's release, we said, "we sure were surprised when we heard the peculiar, Foley-inspired production and sharp left-turn in her sound with ‘Be Alone’. There’s nowhere for Teischa to hide on this track, with an eerie piano and subtle acoustic guitar filling out the curious composition, creating the stark space in which her intimate vocals steal the spotlight. It’s power lies in how different it is, sounding like nothing else out right now and because of this, we absolutely can’t get enough."

Now, she's gone one step further and shared some glorious new visuals for the single as well, so what better time than the present to get to know her a little better? Here, she's given us a run down of songs that have kinda changed her life. From Frank Ocean to Avril Lavigne, this is one hell of a playlist. Dive in below!

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thinking bout you - frank ocean

this whole record changed my perspective on music and songwriting. there’s something so relatable but foreign about the way frank ocean words things and expresses his feelings. it also reminds me that simplicity is key. sometimes you don’t need to think of 100 different metaphors when quite simply saying ’i’ve been thinking bout you’ is more powerful.

i can’t make you love me - bonnie raitt

i was guilty of falling in love with bon iver’s version of this song before i actually knew the original. i still love that version so so much but hearing bonnie’s voice sing those words hit a little differently. this song makes me teary almost every time.

retrograde - james blake

we covered this song in our live set for a couple years! i love how stripped and naked this song feels on the surface but the gentle layers just build up so perfectly to reach such an epic ending. james blake really taught me to step out of my comfort zone with production and to not be afraid of using my voice as an instrument.

no one knows me like the piano - sampha

there’s something so perfectly imperfect about sampha’s voice, especially the way he sings this song. it’s so raw and real. king of the piano ballads imo!

hide and seek - imogen heap

ok i know i’m going to get judged so hard for this BUT the truth is, whatcha say - jason derulo was my absolutely 12 yo jam!! it wasn’t until a couple years ago someone played me hide and seek and i realised where the sample came from and had my full face palm moment. nevertheless, this song never fails to blow my mind. the words, her voice, the vocoder, the whole arrangement of the song and my little guilty pleasure throw back moment at 2.52.

perth - bon iver

i went through a period over a couple years where i was travelling a lot, and hadn’t spent more than three months in one place at a time. i gradually started to feel a little unstable and homesick, even though i was kinda confused about where home was. i started to do this thing where every time i was landing in perth i would play this song during the descent and it made me feel so calm and happy to be returning home.

gone - lianne la havas

there’s so much i could say about this woman and this song and what they mean to me but lianne is just such an inspiration in so many ways. this is the first song of hers i discovered and fill forever hold a special place in my heart.

anything but ordinary - avril lavigne

the queen. everything i needed to get through my awkward grunge early teens. the reason i started playing guitar and had a pink streak in my hair. i dare you to tell me this isn’t a banger.

fallin’ - alicia keys

i started to fall in love with soul and rnb music when i was about 13. alicia had such a powerful voice that i was drawn to back then and am still obsessed with to this day.

Introduction by Emma Jones

Image by Deb Jones