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Live Review: Planéte’s ‘Nightcrawler’ music video is a cinematically stunning odyssey

31 October 2016 | 1:48 pm | Abbey Lenton

Planéte's track 'Nightcrawler' has a new, visually stunning music video that perfectly compliments the song's intricate sound.

Melbourne producer and musician Dion Tartaglione, or PLANETE, weaves intricate and thoughtful music perfect for the screen. Fortunately, Melbourne creative collective JOHN FISH have gotten on board to help create the visual spectacle that Planete’s track ‘Nightcrawler’ so deserved.

The seven-minute epic is more of a short film than it is simply a music video. The clip details the chasing of a hooded figure by a security guard, but it is done so beautifully that it is enthralling the whole way through.

Beginning in an abandoned warehouse space, the scenery implies a post-apocalyptic tale. The shot progression is rapid, subtly charting between close-ups and aerial angles, reminding the viewer of the vastness of the space without abandoning the importance of the characters. But, the most significant element of the video is the chase. Completely without lyrics, the song really does sound like it was destined for more than to be just heard. Planete plays with rises and falls to work harmoniously with the film’s narrative.

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‘Nightcrawler’s quick percussion makes you feel out of breath, which is appropriate as you watch the figures run through an obstacle-filled landscape. Then, as the scenery gets more difficult to navigate, Planete slows the track right down. The beat keeps pensively ticking, like a countdown, as the characters continue their mysterious pursuit.

As the hooded character collapses, the quickness of the beat is stripped away; leaving haunting chimes and cool echoes. By this point, it is difficult to decipher whether we even want this figure to be caught.

Every moment of the video is a celebration of the harmony of two mediums. Without the score, the clip would feel like seven minutes of running. But it is thoughtfulness of Planéte and creativity of John Fish that weave together a spectacle of sweet sounds and striking scenes.

Fans can catch Planéte in action at the below dates:

Oct 31 // Gasometer Hotel (Melbourne, VIC)

'Nightcrawler' Launch (w/ Prequel, Albrecht La'Brooy)

Nov 5 // Nobby's Beach (Newcastle, NSW)

This That Festival (w/ Hermitude, Schoolboy Q & more)

Nov 18 // The Wildlands (VIC)

Strawberry Fields Festival (w/ George Fitzgerald, Tornado Wallace, Moodyman & more)

Nov 19 // State Library of Victoria (Melbourne, VIC)

Melbourne Music Week Closing Party x Good Manners (w/ HVOB, Seekae (DJ), LUCIANBLOMKAMP, Dro Carey & more)

Nov 25-27 // Lake Mountain Alpine Resort (VIC)

Paradise Music Festival (w/ Gold Class, Harvey Sutherland, Friendships & more)

+ more to be announced

Words by Abbey Lenton